Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tauri Tigerpaw at Surfside Hideaway

The multi-talented Executive Editor of SurfWatch, Tauri Tigerpaw, preformed live at SurfSide Hideaway Sunday March 4th 2018 in the wee hours of the morning (for her).

Not saying anything about Tauri's age, but Desirae Beaumont's SurfSide Hideaway is the longest running live music venue in Secondlife and Tauri was their opening act.

It was a wonderful time to hear Tauri, her songs, and share the love.

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SurfWatch/Tauri Tigerpaw said...

I really appreciate you not mentioning my age - rofl - but it's true, I've been singing in SL since 2008 or 2009...and I took a 5 year break...so that makes me - OMG I'M OLDER THAN GRANDMA BARNSIDE!!!!