Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Meet Your Candidates: Richie Marley

Submitted from the SLSA Director candidate application:

Richie Marley Profile Picture
-Name: richiemarley resident.

-I am able and willing to serve my full 6 month term (sometimes I can get a bit busy for some days because of my rl job).

-No team affiliations.

-No product or sim ownership (I make shapes and sell them but nothing to do with surfing).

-About my background I have been surfing for couple of months in sl, however I had practiced a long time ago. I love the surfing experience in sl because I feel like it fills those days when i can't surf in rl, plus the community around is really nice and I guess those are the main aspects that bring me into surfing here: the passion for surf and people.
I work as marketer and event manager in rl and I also have experience with social networks as a channel of communication. 
In sl, together with my best friend, we used to run some parties with dj's in our old club. 

-My vision to SLSA is helping giving the best virtual surfing experience to the surf community already existing in sl and to new people who wanna try this sport. Basically is helping doing the work done so far and the one to be done, always with the goal of development. 
Helping manage and prepare the comps, making events, getting people inspired and motivated, developing the promotion near social networks, and so on. 

Thank you! 

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