Saturday, February 10, 2018

Adventure of Dust

Submitted by Dillan Munro

Adventure of Dust  
Well here is something new: a surfing hangout with plenty of little sidelights. I won't spoil all the little secret hideaways here, but suffice to say that one can spend a lot of time exploring and finding things other than surfing to do. I will lay down a couple of challenges: find the high dive at the top of an ancient ruin which looks like it was built by the Mayans, and also find the cave that satisfies those with BDSM tendencies.

The bay with the surfing waves is very pretty, with nice shape to the surf and a pretty long ride. There are boards to rent for free if you left yours at home, and a smattering of lounges and towels around the beach provide plenty of spots for those who like to sit and people watch.

There are events on a daily basis at the dance floor, and the owner appears to be quite involved with the everyday happenings.

The site is rated adult, so one can wear as little as they want. There are plenty of places for lovers to escape and find some privacy; make sure to sneak behind the rocks and find the tents.

There are 4 sims connected here, but be careful to avoid the ban lines around a few of the private residences.

This is a great place to kill several hours just wandering around alone or with a friend !

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