Never Too Old to Take a Wave...

Once or twice a lifetime, you meet those people that you never forget.  One of those people appeared early in 2009 - that lovable, wacky grandma who shocked everyone by hitting the waves and hanging ten like she had been born on a board. 

She was remembered for baking those special cupcakes for all the surfers, then beating them to the swells for a day of curls.

I remember it like it was yesterday...Grandma would hit the sand pulling her board behind her in a rolling cart.  She'd remove her shoes and unpeel her support hose, digging her arthritic toes in the sand.

Grandma Barnside would tell us stories of her younger early surf days in Hawaii with the Duke when she invented surfing, carving boards out of fallen palm trees.

 Grandma Barnside hasn't been seen since early 2011.  I picture her having finished another day of surf, dozing in some cozy chair near a fire eating those special cupcakes and dreaming of her Duke days and the spray of the ocean.

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Kanjena Sweetleaf said...

How lovely, she's a real Golden Girl!