Breaking News from the SLSA (Second Life Surfing Association)

Reposted from SLSA group notice:

We did not receive the required nominations for the June 1st Director election that was needed. We are opening Director nominations again until May 25th. We will have a June 8th election provided we get three candidates. If we don't receive the required number of nominations by tomorrow May 20th start time of the Bluff Cove comp, we will postpone it. If you would like to run, please read the directions at the following post at the SLSA forum. Thank you!

And per Director Annie Panties (JadeEast), "We could use another trained judge, too, for tomorrow's contest at 11 am bluffs cove."

[Editors Note:  If you have judging experience and are available tomorrow or if you have an interest in keeping the SLSA competitions alive and well, please contact any SLSA Director and get involved!]

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