Remembering: SurfWatch In World Edition - Volume 3 - International Second Life Surfing

Check out SurfWatch's In World Edition, Volume 3, International SL Surfing, fresh off the presses! At a kiosk near you!

Or read it right here!



Aurora Jacks said...

Very Very cool issue, Loved the article on the different waves,in case others didn't know, the Maverick wave made by action is compatible with SSI Boards and HP Boards. There is a setting in the menu, So if you show up to a beach and it has the maverick out and you only have an HP or and SSI, Ride it!

Ashleigh Dickins said...

Thanks Aurora! That was a fun article to research. And finding a new creator (Ground3D) was also fun. Their wave may not be everyone's fave, but they'd be good for a place where you don't have room for a full run but want to be able to have a little surfing fun. A lot of others have commented to me in world about the postcards too. Which feature the stamps Torley mentioned in his comment on Marianna's director nominee interview. If people wanted to see those stamps larger I could post them.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this immensely!! The interviews were so enlightening!! Very well layed out and so enjoyable!! Great job Ash!!