Surf Cove, Playa Perdida

Submitted by Opal Rivers
Photos courtesy Austin Novaland

Landmark:  Surf Cove at Playa Perdida (148, 7, 23) Adult

There is a new beach in town and the creator, Austin Novaland, is a long-term resident of Second Life (SL).  In SL, you can usually find him surfing, sailing, and attending live music performances.  He is a self-described SL explorer, creator, and relaxer who is passionate about growing the sport of surfing in SL.  His profile claims he is dumb and has no sense of humor.  However, I have found that his profile and his sim’s informational notecard are written with a snarky intellect.  By the way, the notecard provides a complete explanation about the sim with pictures provided.   Additionally, the notecard gives links to other information and is an interesting read for someone looking to learn a bit more about surfing and the etiquette.  There is no group needed to join to enjoy the full benefits of this well-made sim.  However, this privately-owned sim does have rules that one must be aware of before proceeding.  The sim greeter gives the highlights of them upon arrival.  Please refer to the notecard given for specifics.

Austin finds his inspiration in the creation of sims that are virtual wonders that has been discovered during his time in SL.  His first whole sim creation, Surf Cove at Playa Perdida, is certainly very inspired.  The sim is a mature surfing sim that exists in the timeless harmony of blissful surfing, adventure, and nudity.  He honestly represents what an island surf beach can be filled with to make one want to stay for the day.  The large dark lava rock cliffs are balanced by several oasis of lush green tropical beauty that certainly make a huge initial impression.  Austin reflects that he wanted the sim to have the feeling of a newly created volcanic island.  The recent relocation of Surf Cove at Playa Perdida allowed him to fine tune his creation through textures and animations.  Austin shared that the sim is work in progress and is ever evolving.

The sim’s surf waves are found just around the corner from the landing spot on the sim.  The waves used here are Maoli – Tahiti Break waves.  Since there are large rocks in the path of the wave, there is a good amount of surfing skill needed to not crash into the rocks.  There is no 911 in Second Life, so surf with caution. There are convenient surf viewing chairs that are located just in the water to cool you for those hot tropical days.  The clubhouse also has a nice place to socialize with friends and watch the surfing slide show.  However, there is lots more to be discovered in this creative sim.
Not only can one enjoy surfing, the sim also provides opportunities for exploration, cliff diving, yoga, and Tai Chi.  If you like cave spelunking, this is your place.  Above ground and undersea caves are interesting to explore.  As you progress deeper into the cave, you will receive positive affirmations along the way.    The undersea cave opening has a rope climb located nearby that will hoist you up near the zip lines.  The rope climbs are a fun animation addition.  Make sure you have your AO off to enjoy the climb up.  Seriously, could that zip line be any more fun?  The zip line will locate you near the yoga mats, so you might as well grab some namaste.   As the day turns to night, you might want to slow life down.  There are a few quiet spaces to share with someone special romantically or to reflect on the day solo.  No matter what you choose to do on this sim, I am sure you will not regret making Surf Cove at Playa Perdida a favorite in your list.


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