Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Top 3 2017: Interview with Kris Marley

SurfWatch recently caught up with Kris Marley ranked top 3 in the SLSA standings in 2017 and former director with the SLSA, to find out how he got his start with Second Life (SL) surfing.  

SurfWatch (SW):  Have to ask, how did you find out about Second Life surfing and how did you get started?  Where, who, when all the dirt, lol!
Kris Marley:  I just kinda stumbled across it.  I was looking for a house and ended up on T'ai. While I was looking about, I ran into Cierra (Theriac) who was chilling out on Bluff.  After pestering the life out of her, she told me about surfing and all that, let me watch how it's done, and I got hooked. I really just wanted her to build me a house on Bluff Cove.  I'm still trying on that. Pretty much how it all started there.  I met Ronan (Blake) on T'ai, and he gave me a tour of all the sims, introduced me to some amazing places.  I was just hooked from the start.

SW:  What made you want to surf?  How hard was it to learn?
Marley:  To be honest, I had been in SL, like, 2 weeks, ended up with all the mesh and stuff on my first day somehow and had no idea how to put clothes on, lol.  So I kinda stuck to beaches and saw the waves, thought why not, I may as well try surfing. It wasn't too hard really, but I met the right people early who gave me tips and note cards with instructions and all that. I think the next competition at that time was on T'ai so I was seeing the pros surfing and would pester and bug them and get advice.  It wasn't too hard thanks to all these people.

SW:  Did you know anything about real life (RL) surfing?
Marley:  Bits and pieces.  I had tried it, had watched a bit of it but it was never a big thing in my life really. Snowboarding was my gig so RL surfing wasn't something that pushed me into surfing here. Now I'm bloody hooked on them both.

SW:  How did you get involved in competition surfing?
Marley:  Cierra again, lol.  Cierra told me about it, invited me to the group. I'd go and to see how Ronan and Cierra would get on but never really thought I could do it.  Same as most people who think their computer or internet is a bag of plums, you think you just couldn't do it. Eventually after a few drinks I said to Cierra to sign me up for the HP5 one.  Had never surfed the board before and no clue what I was doing, but I just went for it anyway.  Have never looked back since.  It was a lot of fun.

SW:  What are your favorite competitive moves?
Marley:  The higher the better, lol.  I always like to try get some good air, but overall I like it to look kinda relaxed and effortless. People have different styles which I love.  Some prefer a busier style, more spinning and pack a lot into one wave. I prefer a more relaxed style and as much air as possible.

SW:  What do you get out of competitive surfing?
Marley:  It's just good fun. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in it a bit too much, but it's something I think is important to this place. 10 years or something it's been going.  That's a lot of history worth saving and keeping alive. I just find it good fun.  Keeps me out of trouble somewhat and it's a good time killer. Practicing and learning what you can do on each board on the different waves, it's interesting and a challenge.

SW:  What's your favorite board?

Marley:  HP5 without a doubt.  C-3 a close 2nd, though.

SW:  What music if any pumps you up for surfing?
Marley:  This Girl - Kungs vs Cooking on 3 burners  is my usual song for when I take my wave. When I'm surfing, just a bit of everything though, Oasis is my favorite of all but I like a bit of everything. House, EDM, Indie, Alternative stuff or just whatever Liberty (Justice) tells me to listen to, lol

SW:  Is there anyone in the past or current surfing world that you admire their style and try to emulate?
Marley:  Liberty Justice without a doubt. She has a nice aggressive style that is all controlled.  My favorite to watch surf for sure. She pretty much taught me how to surf the competitions so if I can look half as good as her, I'm happy.

SW:  What advice would you give new surfers about how to start?
Marley:  Ask Liberty to teach you, lol.  I donno.  I guess just learn to turn first. I see so many get on a board, surf along a wave and go right off the end without turning around and eventually give up. Ask people, read the note cards and take the time to just learn to turn.  if you can surf the whole run without flying off the end, you're gonna start to enjoy surfing more and more as you can add more to it. Definitely talk to people and ask people, bug the life out of them till you learn what you want to learn.

SW:  Where are your favorite places to surf?  What's your favorite wave?
Marley:  Bluff Cove is my favorite.  Just amazing waves there.  Island Sea Soul is insane, a whole lot of fun.  Surf Cove at Perdida has a real nice vibe to it.  I love surfing there and the rocks make it a nice challenge and a lot of fun.

SW:  What do you imagine SL surfing will be like 5 years from now?
Marley:  Probably not much different surfing wise.  I doubt it will ever change much and from the looks of it, never really has. Hopefully some new boards, new waves to surf but we'll see. Competition wise, I think it might be different.  Whether there will be seasons like there are now, I'm not sure.  Might be more individual competitions at sims across SL with more relaxed rules.  Just a less organized setup, maybe. Really depends what changes are made through SLSA in that time.

Photo courtesy Kris Marley

SW:  What else do you like to do in SL in addition to catching a wave?
Marley:  I float about, just chill with friends, take in some music or a bit of sailing or whatever. I go through spells of messing with my land and trying to create something cool. Nothing overly exciting.  All pretty chill.

SW:  Anything else you want to add?
Marley:  Not really.  My brain is nakered after trying to think of all that already, lol.  I think it's cool this SurfWatch thing is starting to do little bits and pieces again.  Reading through it, it seemed like it was a blast before with a lot of cool stuff on it. Welcome back and good luck with it.

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