Monkey Cove 2017

Submitted by Opal Rivers

 A great place to surf, explore and just hang out.  LM:   Bones, Monkey Cove (33, 170, 21) Moderate

 When you first arrive at Monkey Cove, you do get the feeling that you want to stay there for a while, as stated by Syx Toshi.  This lovely surf beach is nestled among tropical islands.  The beach provides classic beach sights and sounds with a twist of uniqueness and reality that is very refreshing.

The mastermind behind Monkey Cove is Syx Toshi.  His real-life love of the ocean will be apparent to you as you explore this creative beach.  Syx is a long-time resident of Second Life (SL).  He has been active in creating sims and supporting the Second Life Surf Association (SLSA) throughout the years.  It is interesting to note that this is not the first version of Monkey Cove for Syx.  There have been several versions of Monkey Cove throughout the years.  For the current version, Syx decided to focus on the environment first to create a total experience for the visitor.
What an environment it is!  First there are chickens on the beach, giving one that Key West, Florida, feeling.  Don’t forget to visit the Rock Bar for drinks and a happy hour buffet for your enjoyment.   Make sure you don’t step on that snake as you enter the bar - it looks poisonous.  I am sure the Alien doesn’t bite, though.  It didn’t even seem interested in probing anyone.  The back deck of the bar offers an eclectic mix of games and unique items to include a surfing Elvis.  As you wander further down the beach, you will find a relaxing place to throw a fishing line in.  Based on the size and number of fish displayed on the sim, you better use that heavy-duty fishing rod.
Get ready to ride the Maoli Dreambreak waves on this sim.  There is a board waxing station for those with boards that need some maintenance.  There is also a board rezzer for all to enjoy the experience of surfing in SL.  If you happen to wipe out while surfing, you will surely notice the underwater environment as well.  This realistic underwater world is a great place to get your scuba gear on and explore the many species of fish and corals.  Syx tells me that there are over 100 species of animals that reside on the island.  From bees to Leather Back Turtles, all are present to give the visitor that “real” experience.          
Don’t miss the creators favorite spot on the sim.  On the south side of the island on the cliffs there is a fire pit with chairs.  The night sky offers a beautiful view of the sim that completes the trip to Monkey Cove.



Anonymous said...

Syx Toshi has created a jaw-dropping experience at Monkey Cove for both the surfing enthusiast and the nature enthusiast alike.

On my first visit to this sim, I was blown away by the "feel" of this place. The waves here provide an EXCELLENT ride with nice, long runs.

The beach area with the fire pit was a nice place to chill with friends after an hour+ of surfing fun.

The bar area was also a GREAT place to hang with friends, and my long walk around the island provided tons of entertainment as I discovered all the wildlife and took in the beautifully landscaped sights.

I had forgotten to check out the underwater area as your article mentioned, so on my second trip, I made sure to have my scuba gear on. And MAN, am I glad I did! There is as much to take in and admire below the surface as above!

Monkey Cove is now marked in my Favorites bar and I plan to return very often for some quiet time by myself AND to bring my friends here for hours of surfing, chatting and exploring.

Thank you Surfwatch and Opal for bringing this new destination to our attention. There aren't many places this great in SL and I hope everyone who reads this takes the time to visit Monkey Cove and share this jewel of a destination with everyone they know.

Thanks to Syx Toshi for his willingness to share this amazing gift with us.

Monkey Cove should be at the top of everone's list of fantastic SL destinations.

SurfWatch/Tauri Tigerpaw said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you for your comment and for reading SurfWatch! We typically don't post anonymous comments, but we will make an exception in this case so we can share your enjoyment of Syx' Monkey Cove and your appreciation of Opal's (our newest addition to the SurfWatch staff) writing. I think you might want to consider doing some writing for us as well! See you at Monkey Cove!