Mari's Mailbag - Loyalty

My first topic I'd like to write about is loyalty among surfers.  A few months back, someone came to me quite hurt.  She had overheard a surfer speaking to others hatefully about a fellow surfer.  It happened to be someone very well known in the surf community.  This was so hurtful to her, she was in disbelief.  She asked me, "Mari, is there no loyalty among surfers?  Don't we have a common bond - the love of surf and of our community?"  She soon quit surfing altogether.

I have never forgotten the anguish she felt.  It made me think that I also had heard talk about each other in public on open chat.  We as surfers should genuinely love our sport and each other to respect both.  Do you remember your first wave?  The rush?  Then the hours of practicing to perfect your style?  Some went on to compete for the love of it and of the new friends they met.  Somewhere along the way, some forgot.  Got too comfortable, I guess.

We all need to take pause..reflect...try to realize we are all in this for the same reasons, and community is very important.  Next time you are speaking in open chat, try to remember why you are surfing in the first place.  Also remember that others are listening and the very person who gave you your best tips could be within listening range.  So could someone just beginning to surf.  Let's be decent to each other.  Keep our community strong.


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