Saturday, June 6, 2009


by the Roving Reporter

The Second Life Surfing Association celebrated their 2nd anniversary and the end of 5 seasons at a gala formal event thrown by Bonheu Chenaux, newly elected SLSA Director, and the rest of the SLSA Board, working with Quench Spotter who also DJd and MaryAnn Maa who hosted the event at the beautiful Eons Ballroom at Maa. Faces from the past made surprise appearances. Sebastian Saramago announced, "Hey all! I only wanted to say that the passion and community that SLSA has brought to surfing in SL has added so much to our lives. I personally thank all of your dedication, and I value your talents. I hope you all can come this month to the opening of the new Dive World sim. We will be unveiling our new sculpted waves system. I know the SLSA and others have really wanted to see something new."


Scores from Round 1 of the final comp of SLSA Season 1 2009 held on Saturday, June 6:

Heat 1:
Lacy Rossini: 0
GiavannaMarie Melody: 11.66667
Aeryn Kidd: 7.166667
MarkFoo Waverider: 14.00000
Bodhi Lowtide: 15.33333
Leilani Siamendes: 10.00000

Heat 2:
Yendor Destiny: 10.83333
Kohana Schimmer: 11.00000
Aurora Jacks: 7.666667
Kristoffer Juneau: 13.33333
Kathy Heberle: 9.666667
Seyna Teodosio: 0
Pilze Braveheart: 8.833333

Heat 3:
Dixson Martian: 13.500000
Velvetori Twine: 0
Jac Mornington: 13.83333
Rick Galli: 10.50000
Sienna Velinov: 7.833333
Driftwood Miles: 8.666667
Rachelle Seetan: 5.666667

Heat 4:
Cymindra Deschanel: 13.66667
Mick Lunasea: 11.16667
Countess DeCosta: 0
Lynda Mimulus: 14.33333
Melora Loring: 10.83333
Kait Seetan: 10.16667
Harbor Piers: 11.66667

Heat 5:
followingwaves sirbu: 4.500000
Maldrul Morris: 5.833333
Marianna Monentes: 7.166667
Sean Azambuja: 9.166667
Mateus Reiko: 8.166667
Mas Sohl: 5.00000

Heat 6:
Sweetcajan Voom: 14.16667
Aldo Courtois: 6.333333
Basalia Flow: 11.00000
Tilly Theas: 0
Tanya Sideways: 8.833333
Kantbe Thursday: 8.166667

The top 2 scoring riders from each heat will be moving on to Round 2 which will be held Saturday, June 13, at the same location at Frozen.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

by Tauri Tigerpaw

Censorship - not a pretty word in most people's book. And yet even an SL surfing blog that reports on things that may be of interest to the SL surfing community deals with it, i.e., an unpublished story that generates an enormous amount of interest and resistance before it's even posted.

A public information blog is responsible to check the facts and background of a story. It may print someone's opinion or version of events and let the public comment and/or dispute the perspective in a responsible way. To bring information forward so everyone can see the positions, discuss the information, and evaluate for themselves - that's SW's position on responsible reporting. And to invite public comment on the content.

For SW to refuse to print a story related to SL surfing just because of the unpopularity of the product or person or because we were swayed by threats of loss of support would make us cowardly and no better than an uncompensated ad. SW's interest is SL surfing and peripheral activities: the beaches and sims, the fashion, the people, the technology, the history, the trends, the comps, the events and those things having an impact or effect on the SL surf community.

Barchan Paderborn, the founding editor and creator of SW, did not let public opinion or threats inhibit his reporting on SL surfing news, and we will do our best to follow in his footsteps. SW will continue to report on news and information related to SL surfing and those people and events that have an impact or effect on SL surfing. And if readers decide they are no longer interested in all the information about SL surfing but only in a very selected viewpoint from a selected group of people who wish to decide what will and will not be published, then it's their prerogative to no longer read or support SurfWatch.

SurfWatch chooses to trust in the intelligence and discernment of our readership to make decisions and responsibly comment on the stories and information posted. Our readers have not let us down yet.

While staff may have input on blog content, Tauri Tigerpaw, the editor-in-chief, is solely responsible for final decisions on the content of this blog and no member of SurfWatch staff other than the editor-in-chief should be held responsible.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 1, 2009, SLSA Directors Elected!

WickedV Carver, Bonheur Chenaux and Robin Mapp will join VW Sands and Abel Halderman, the two current sitting directors, on the Board of Directors of the SLSA. All 3 new candidates will be fulfilling a six month committment. In September, Sands and Halderman's seats will be open for election.

It was an extremely close race with Aurora Jacks, Kohana Schimmer and Robbin Ember also throwing their hats in the ring. Sally LaSalle, Colleen Brennan and Robbin Ember now move into SLSA Advisory positions. See the SLSA website for more information on the election.