Saturday, May 16, 2009

Results of May 16 Round 2 SLSA Chi Fluffy Comp

Final Scores:

1. Desirae Beaumont: 16.00

2. WickedV Carver: 15.66

3. Bobbi Laval: 15.66

4. Monq Pinklady: 15.16

4. Cipriano Grut: 15.16

6. Triston Mayo: 13.83

Scores from the Semis:

Semi 1 -

Desirae Beaumont: 14.16667

Colleen Brennan: 12.66667

SexyBoy Oh: 13.83333

Monq Pinklady: 14.16667

Semi 2 -

Abel Halderman: 14.00000

WickedV Carver: 15.00000

Robin Mapp: 13.16667

Triston Mayo: 14.66667

Semi 3 -

Bobbi Laval: 15.33333

Wilfrid DeCuir: 14.50000

Cipriano Grut: 15.00000

Aeryn Kidd: 13.50000

Scores from the Heats:

Heat 1 -

Desirae Beaumont: 14.66667

Buffy Munro: 13.33333

Cipriano Grut: 14.50000

Marianna Monentes: 13.666667

Kimmy Jigsaw: 14.33333

Heat 2 -

SexyBoy Oh: 14.66667

Bonheur Chenaux: 14.33333

Abel Halderman: 15.16667

Kim Henig: 13.50000

MarkFoo Waverider: 14.33333

Heat 3 -

Sunrize Mornington: 13.16667

Bobbi Laval: 14.66667

Noie Randt: 13.33333

Robin Mapp: 14.00000

Eield Decosta: 12.83333

Heat 4 -

Colleen Brennan: 14.00000

Quench Spotter: 13.66667

Mojo Manamiko: 9.50000

Bo Ohmai: 13.6667

Aeryn Kidd: 13.83333

Heat 5 -

Socks Clawtooth: 14.16667

WickedV Carver: 15.5000

Monq Pinklady: 14.3333

Lacy Rossini: 13.50000

Kohana Schimmer: 13.83333

Heat 6 -

Wilfrid DeCuir: 15.0000

Triston Mayo: 13.33333

Crusader Arado: 10.16667

Followingwaves Sirbu: 13.00000

Bubster Box: 11.66667

Notecard of scores and photo courtesy Abel Halderman

Friday, May 15, 2009

New SL Surf Glitch?


Is Abel Halderman practicing the latest SL glitch to impact SL surfing? Hmmmm.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tribe Islands - Interview with Driftwood Miles

SurfWatch recently hit the beach at Kai Island, one of the newest SL surf beaches to appear in one of the most incredible group of sims in SL. Known as Tribe Islands, this collection of 30 sims just recently opened a public surfing beach. SurfWatch caught up with one of the founders of Tribe Islands, Driftwood Miles, to talk about their foray into SL surfing and future plans.

SurfWatch: Tell us about your involvement with SL surf sims?
Driftwood Miles: Well, if it had not been for the persistance of one Kimmy Jigsaw, I doubt whether a surf sim would have been featured on the Tribe landscape. Let's just say that for over a year, Kimmy has been putting the argument forward for the surfing case. When I first got into SL (way back in the day), Kimmy dragged me onto a surfboard and taught me the rudimentaries and had it not been for the time spent on building up Tribe, I reckon I could have improved to substandard by now. However, we found that the SL surf community are amongst the friendliest and fun people in SL and with Alexxa (Despres) taking lessons, that is a sure indication that surfing has taken root within Tribe. Our hope is to become more involved and to build Kai Island as a popular and friendly surf sim. We have to give a huge thanks to Lacy Rossini for the waves on Kai. The layout is awesome but rather than me waxing lyrically about her work, here is a picture. Altho to do them real justice, they deserve to be totally carved up!

SW: What do you think of SL surfing?
DM: Well, both of us (Drift and Alexxa) agree that there is alot more to it than meets the eye. There is a huge amount of fun to be had for the new or casual surfer in SL. To become more advanced takes alot more dedication and skill. We both fall into the beginner category but are having so much fun. With a little time and a few pointers from some of the awesome surfers out there, we hope to get better. But in answer to your question, it's totally fantastic and the people make it so just as much as the surfing.

SW: Tell us about the complex of sims you own. How many and how you got started in SL sim ownership?
DM: Well, Alexxa and I had known each other pre-SL and altho I jumped in first, she joined not long after. I spent quite a while working for an awesome estate owner who had a thriving island community. She was very kind and taught me alot, and we had great fun. After a couple of months, Alexxa and I decided to try out buying some land with the aim of building a community. So we bought 1/4 of a sim and called it Southwater Caye (after one of the Caye islands off the coast of Belize where I spent six weeks once). We never really had grand plans to begin with, just dipping our toe in. After a very short time, we bought our first full sim, Coco Caye, and so Tribe Islands was truly born. From there, and with the help of some amazing people, we built up Tribe Islands to over 30 sims. We base our business in community and good ethics and have the most amazing residents in SL (ok, we are biased). As for the future, well, we have a thriving community and our focus is on them. Growth has not abated, but it is important that it is sustainable. The important thing is that our residents are happy!

SW: What other activities do you have available at your sims for public use?
DM: Kai Island and Cougar Caye (they are joined) are the main public use areas for the community (33, 218, 21). Sailing, windsurfing, jetskiing, canoeing and, of course, surfing, are all available. There are plenty of chill areas and a more romantic area for those so inclined on Cougar. There is a shopping area for all things surf which we are building up now. Also on Cougar Caye, we have a great venue where we have parties, live music, DJs, etc. The venue is called "The Deck", and is open for use by those that need a party place. Just check the blog for upcoming events. Mako Caye is given over to our grunge punk clothing store, Tribe Wear, and residents are all given discounts on the clothing there (128, 103, 22). Most of the islands are purely residential and we guard their privacy jealously. However, Mako Caye, Cougar Caye and Kai Island are open for all to enjoy!

Tribe Island Blog: