Sunday, December 28, 2008

Socks Surf Spot of the Week : Southend

By Socks Clawtooth, Senior Furry Correspondent

An unknown Epic?!?! Is it possible? Well, apparently so. I stumbled into this spot a while ago, but had to wait for a hardware upgrade before I could ride here. So, if you're on a slower computer, you might have to skip this one. Sorry.

Southend is a kind of a mystery to me. Every time I'm here, nobody else is. So I'm left feeling like an archaeologist sifting through the ruins of Pompeii trying to figure out the culture left behind here. But, unlike Pompeii, they actually change this spot so obviously it's being cared for.

First, the surfing. The run is a three-panel Epic that runs about 100M E-W. The sim is not a surf-first sim, so your ride is gonna be laggy. There's a 'Hello Kitty' loaner board on the beach, as well as a 'surf party' windsurfer. They also feature hang gliding, some decorative boards, and 7 seas fishing.

But look around, it's worth it. next to the waves is a nice hangout club, which has a locals only know feel to it. Look behind it for the pond, you won't be disappointed. A lot of couples poses all around, dance machines, so obviously there's people who hang out here a lot. But, never when I'm here it seems. It's that whole cat' thing, isn't it?
Well, you may have better luck than I do. Check out this unknown Epic for yourself!

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