Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SLSA Rezz Day/Birthday Fundraiser

submitted by Sunrize Mornington

This was a history making day for the SLSA’s new surf sim! It was the first surf comp at the new sim, Solace Dreams. We had new faces and old faces. It was great to see the return of Pova, who wore an awesome bikini tux with a bow tie and French cuffs on his wrists. I’m not buying that he was wearing a tux bikini, especially after seeing the dance he did on his board. LOL

The surfers finished in the following order:

In 5th – Petra Xaris
In 4th – Miranda Funizza
In 3rd -  Melian Catronis
In 2nd - NicuTzi Resident
In 1st - Pova Rustamova

The fundraiser was a success. We were almost surrounded by the raffle boards and the prices ranged from L$50 – L$500. A necklace made by Dax Verlaine, with the SLSA logo on a blue background, was selling for L$25 and was also a gift to the surfers. In the raffle boards we had 3 pieces of awesome new art from Bobbi Laval, a mesh Tiki Tattoo bar thanks to the generous Hatzfeld Runo, Velvetori Twine, clothes designer extraordinaire of VELVETRYTHMS, donated 5 items, 2 men’s and 3 women’s. Mick Lunasea, who always comes through for us, donated an awesome surfboard and Rayzza Rubble donated a very sexy outfit called Prey 4 Surf Outfit. Hatzfeld also gave us a mesh Tiki Aloha statue that we decorated the party platform with and it now sets in the SLSA clubhouse.

We also received excellent donations from many people. Xander Datura and Syx Toshi gave extremely generous donations.

At the end of the day the wonderful people of the surf community raised L$27,015 to keep the SLSA Sim alive and well.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flashback! Week of Jan. 16, 2011

Another Sunday, another trip in back in time. This week's Flashback! takes us to the week of Jan. 16, 2011. We had night riding, a Mari's Mailbag and more!  Sit back as we hit surfing altitude and land in January 2011