Saturday, November 12, 2011

SLSA Hosts November Birthday/Rezz day Fundraising Party

What: Birthday/Rezz day party to celebrate November rezz days and birthdays to fundraise for the Archi sim fund.
Where: James Isle and Archi
When: November 13 12:00 noon sl time
Board: Short boards
Wave: Pipes

More info can be found here:

SLSA Chi 5th Anniversary Surf Competition Scores

pics courtesy of Sally LaSalle and Maldrul Morris
JT Castanea  15.16
Cierra Theriac 14.83
Wilfrid DeCuir 14.66
Sunrize Mornington 14.66
Damiana Babcock 14.16
Abel Halderman 13.50

Heat 1
Wilfrid DeCuir 15.33
followingwaves Sirbu 13.33
Damiana Babcock 15.00
Zelda Zimberman 14.16

Heat 2
Colleen Brennan 14.33
JT Castanea 15.50
Maldrul Morris 14.16
Cierra Theriac 14.33
Tied Surf Off:
Colleen Brennan: 6.1
Cierra Theriac: 6.6

Heat 3
Bobbi Laval 15.00
Fonda Fugue 14.50
Sunrize Mornington 15.50
Abel Halderman 15.00
Tied Surf Off:
Bobbi Laval: 6.5
Abel Halderman:  7.1

Heat 1
Wilfrid DeCuir 15.66
Colleen Brennan 15.16
jayden Domenici 14.50
Robbin Ember 14.66
GiavannaMarie Melody 14.83

Heat 2
Bobbi Laval 14.83
followingwaves Sirbu 14.00
Maha Adder  13.00
Cristal Rowlands 12.83
bullet Admiral  11.83

Heat 3
JT Castanea 15.16
Buck Ghostraven 14.16
xander Datura NS
Fonda Fugue 14.50
Shilow Carter NS

Heat 4
Maldrul Morris 14.83
Damiana Babcock 15.50
Anabelle Marquis NS
Twixt Mode 13.16
ashoka mosely 14.50

Heat 5
Sunrize Mornington 15.00
Zelda Zimberman 14.83
Yari Ziplon 13.33
Curshaw Resident 11.50
CoolKat Delicioso 14.66

Heat 6
Cierra Theriac 15.00
Imzadi Amaterasu NS
Sally LaSalle 14.50
Abel Halderman 14.66

Staff:  DJ Dan, CoolKat Delecioso, Maldrul Morris, Mick Lunasea, Jordan Mendle, Lissa Pinion, Sally LaSalle, Kantbe Thursday, Colleen Brennan

Thursday, November 10, 2011

SLSA Season 2 Chi Surf Comp Heats

When: November 12th at 11am SLT
Where: Chi
Board: SSi shortboard with 5.1, 5.2, 5.2dlg scripts
Wave: Fluffy

Heat 1
Wilfrid DeCuir (RED)
Colleen Brennan (BLUE)
jayden Domenici (GREEN)
Robbin Ember (ORANGE)
GiavannaMarie Melody (PURPLE)

Heat 2
Bobbi Laval (RED)
followingwaves Sirbu (BLUE)
Maha Adder (GREEN)
Cristal Rowlands (ORANGE)
bullet Admiral (PURPLE)

Heat 3
JT Castanea (RED)
Buck Ghostraven (BLUE)
xander Datura (GREEN)
Fonda Fugue (ORANGE)
Shilow Carter (PURPLE)

Heat 4
Maldrul Morris (RED)
Damiana Babcock (BLUE)
Anabelle Marquis (GREEN)
Twixt Mode (ORANGE)
ashoka mosely (PURPLE)

Heat 5
Sunrize Mornington (RED)
Zelda Zimberman (BLUE)
Yari Ziplon (GREEN)
Curshaw Resident (ORANGE)
CoolKat Delicioso (PURPLE)

Heat 6
Cierra Theriac (RED)
Imzadi Amaterasu (BLUE)
Sally LaSalle (GREEN)
Abel Halderman (ORANGE)

Monday, November 7, 2011

We Need Your Pictures!

We need old pics from you old, er, spring chickens from the past few years of surfing in SL for our next in-world edition of SurfWatch.  We are looking for the really old stuff. Back when surfing was new fun and we crashed sim after sim surfing and partying. Send your full perm pics to  ASAP! 

Surf On!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Flashback! Week of Nov 11, 2008

Here we are again, Flashback Sunday and we have some gems for you. Come on in and get comfy as we flashback to what was going on in the surf community the week of Nov. 9, 2008.