Saturday, July 24, 2010

Custom Designed Furniture - NEW LOCATION!

Looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture to complete your decorating? 

Or a billboard piece to advertise your business? 

Check out the creative designs of Shayne Karillion's Shayne K Designs and KarbOn (jointly owned with partner Bon Bonham) located at KARBON, knowhere (94, 138, 3335)
Unique and tasteful combinations; eye-catching and bold; realistic and fun poses.

(Tequila not included.)

Can't Wait to Come to the Office...

Kait Seetan wandered into the new SurfWatch Headquarters located at the beautiful Boracay Islands.  Editors Tauri Tigerpaw and Marianna Monentes immediately set about training her in important SurfWatch duties!

Hopping on the receptionist desk, Taur and Mari demonstrate to Kait how they keep their noses to the grindstone!

Kait takes notes for future reference on the hip swivel and heel-ball-shuffle.

The training is immediately followed by another impromptu staff meeting!  Stop by SurfWatch Headquarters and see how hard we are always working to bring you the latest in Second Life surfing!

Friday, July 23, 2010

SLSA Preparaing for By-Election

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is planning on holding the election to fill the vacant director seat on Monday, July 26.  If you are interested in running for this open Director seat, check out to get all the details.  The deadline for submitting your candidacy is Sunday, July 25.  As of July 23, 6:AM SLT, only one candidate has submitted his intent to run:  Arjuna Bombastic (editors note:  see Arjuna Bombastic - Promising Surfer posted 5-20-10).  It's your association - do your part and think about filling this vacated director term!

Pirate Point Break

I did a little exploring recently to see what was new in surfing venues and instead, I found a treasure in something old. 

Pirate Point Break at 236, 187, 23 and adjoining sim, Absentia, are two of 8 regions owned by Gooden Uggla.  Pirate point Break has been running an SSi epic for about a year and a half.

It's the home of a sweet little surf shop called Nuki-Nuki Surf Shop carrying several different board brands - I saw SSi and Namiko racked out front.

On Absentia, there's a surfboard rack carrying Luckie Brand surfboards.  Gooden says they were made about 3 years ago (they still refer to surfing at Weather!) and tossed me some coin to see if they were compatible with the epic.  The boards only have one semi crouch altho the instruction card explained how to do some jump manueuvers (I wasn't able to).  But a beginner could definitely keep themselves in front of the wave and some of the built-in sound bites were very cute!

Between the two sims you'll find fishing, a cool beach club with games, shopping in a huge mall area and some a quaint little shop called Paper Moon, dance clubs, a replica of the El Centro Theatre and a music venue, plus more (I don't want to give it all away!)

Come by, grab a chair on the beach, catch a surf, play some games, shop. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kantbe Serious: 10,000 Squares in a Round Hole?

Is it possible to get 10,000 square meters in a round hole? Yes, if you make a round hole and fill it with surfboards. After several months of discussion between Desirae Beaumont and Sebastian Saramago, Desi is pleased to announce that it's not only possible, but has been done to open the new PerfectWaves - Surfboard Heaven, SSi Showcase store on T'ai.

There are a dizzying array of boards on display, enough to make one pass out trying to see them all. My first estimate is that
there must be at least one bizillion boards on display, maybe 2 gazillion. Desirae clarified, however, that Kantbe Possible and there are just over 550 boards…. I was close.

Every surfboard sold in SL with the SSi scripts is available in this location just at the edge of the clouds above the waves at T'ai. According to Desirae, there are some older, more difficult to find boards (how do you spell Shark?), and some boards that are not available anywhere else in SL.

Both Seb and Desi have commented that this particular site is nearly a history of SSi surfboards and is as much a gallery of surfboard designs as it is a store.

Drop by and see this for yourselves at Desirae Beaumont and Sally LaSalle's T'ai sim.

Breaking Baby News!

submitted by Colleen Brennan

A beautiful healthy baby girl was born into the world today, July 21, 2010 at 4:15 pm. To the happy Mommy, LuckyMoon Jiagu, and Daddy, Mojo Manamiko. They are both very glad to have their beautiful Hope Luv Manamiko in their arms. Hope is 11lbs, 2 oz. and is 19 inches long.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Second Life Tour of Homes

Do you have the most spectacular home in Second Life (SL)?  Do you feel like sharing your decorating expertise and your eye for detail with others?  Then submit your home for SurfWatch's first "SL Tour of Homes"! 

Submit your home for the Tour by July 28th by contacting Tauri Tigerpaw or Lissa Pinion.  If your home is selected, we'll include it in a 10 home SL Tour of Homes for July 31-August 1. 

You spend alot of time creating the perfect space to spend your SL in.  Share the beauty of your home by letting others stop by to have a peek!  Selected homes will have owners and designers featured in SurfWatch.  Submit your home today!

The SLSA now has Real Life Affiliate Ads on the main page SurfSLSA.ORG

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Those of you who watch the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) forum have been seeing the discussions regarding activities for generating sources of income to fund the efforts of the SLSA, including tier payments for the Archipelago sim. As part of Sally LaSalle's ongoing efforts to support the SLSA, Sally recently announced the completion of advertising arrangements with a real life affiliate sponsor. Describing the arrangement in her recent SLSA forum post, Sally says,

"We are affiliates for the largest reseller of nearly every known name brand of real life schick surf wear and surf gear on the web."

The SLSA will receive 6% of any sale that originates by clicking the IslandSurf ad banner on the main SLSA web site. So if you are in the real life market for boardies, swimwear, rashies, sun glasses, sandals, you name it!!  - click the ad on the main site and go shopping, the prices are very competitive, and there is free shipping for many items.

Give all your friends this link as the launch point for Island Surf.

If you have a blog ... please back link to this article post url:-
and include plenty of terms like "surfwear surf equipment etc.. "

You can keep up with changes and announcements of the SLSA home page at and participate in the SLSA forum at

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Soul Wave

Currently in for it...Catch the wave...

Surfing 101 - SL Locals

submitted by Mick Lunasea

Being a Second Life (SL) surfer means YOU ARE A LOCAL on any beach you want to hang out at. Join the sim group, kick your feet up and meet and enjoy the company of new friends.  Real Life (RL) surf locals have an entirely different meaning. A local means you hang out with the same group of surfers at the same beach most of the time. As seasons change or swell angles move, your local surf break might not be working as well as one sand bar over. In some surf towns, each street leading down to the water has its own local crew like 22nd St. locals, etc.

The nature of the surf break defines the attitude of the locals. Wide open beach breaks with many peaks or places to ride, the locals can be friendly. Surf breaks that are smaller like single reefs or a single take-off spot, locals can get testy. Long point breakes can handle quite a few people, however, with 200+ surfers out on a good day at Malibu, locals that are there daily have heavy influence on what goes on.

When I was about 13, I was surfing north of Malibu at a point break at the foot of Latigo Canyon with 2 of my friends and another guy. A buff older guy paddles out, announces to us the 'locals' are gonna have a surf contest and to get out of the water. The guy surfing along side us begins to protest saying, the ocean's free, etc. The buff local paddles up to the guy and proceeds to start beating the shit out of him right there in the water. Freaked, me and my buddies immediately speed paddled to the beach.

As the surfing population increased, so did confrontations. Many ugly incidents ended up in courts and on the news. My buddy, a kneeboarder, got punched out at Malibu by a longboard pro's father and a Hawaiian longboard pro surfer because he didn't exit the water as quickly as they had liked before a contest! (Unlike SL where waves are available 24-7, Malibu only gets really good a few times a year.  Locals hate contests during these times after hanging around for months for the swell)

Yep, my buddy ended up on TV and the clowns that punched him ended up in court. Tracy Austin, the pro
tennis player, watched in horror as her then boyfriend, Shawn Tompson, got punched out by a local at Rincon. Mr. Thompson had been arrogantly taking off in front of the same local repeatedly until the local had enough. Yep, they ended up in court.

It's not all peace and love in the RL surf world. Fortunately, the aloha is huge in SL with no stink eye from Hawaians protecting their island. Some of the same rules do apply in SL surfing, though, as RL surfing. Common courtesy. Respect your fellow surfers, don't shoulder hop or take off on waves being ridden by others unless asked to join in a party wave. Be kind. Most are willing to guide and help, just ask. Paddle around the waves, not thru them. Take turns catching waves.  Chatting in the line up, you meet cool people. Being a surfer in SL is special.  Be kind to one another and remember here, WE ARE ALL LOCALS!

Hug your surf buddy, GO SURFING!

Mick Lunasea is a long time surf instructor (editors note: See High on a Wave, SurfWatch March 17, 2009), former SLSA Director, competative surfer, owner of SurfCrazy surf shops, organizer of Surf Fest and new inductee for the 2010 Season 1 SLSA Hall of Fame.

Monday, July 19, 2010


The current Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Board has just announced that one of the sitting directors, Kimmy Jigsaw, has officially resigned.  The SLSA will be holding a special election to fill that seat.  More details to follow.

Back to Basics

Basics just announced a clearance sale to make room for new merchandise!  Head on over to Basics in Ronoc to pick up some great steals on clothing and check out their new line!  For men and women, it's basically all you need for fashion!

Tsunami PCX Challenge VII

Tsunami PCX Tandem Challenge VII

Registration is OPEN at:

Number of spots in the competition is limited, so make sure you register before it’s too late!

When: July 31, 2010, 12 noon SLT

Where: Tsunami Beach

Wave: 3-4 synchronized SSi pipelines (will be rezzed on Wednesday, July 22)

Boards: one surfer surfs a longboard, the other a shortboard. Boards used in the competition ARE rezzed on the beach. They will be the only boards allowed in the competition. Same boards for all shortboarders, and same boards for all longboarders.

Prizes: 10000 L / surfer for 1st place, 5000 L / surfer for 2nd place, 2500 L / surfer for 3rd place, plus the trophies!

The Tandem competitions are about two surfers simultaneously entering a wave from opposite ends. They surf as a team – they are expected to show some team work on the wave. Each rider is scored for their individual performance by their own judge, and the team is scored for a team performence by another judge or judges, too.  Most of the announcements prior to the competition will be sent via the Tsunami Surf group. To join, type secondlife:///app/group/af05d46b-2fa8-6fbb-dc17-feb919b4dc3e/about in inworld chat, hit Enter, then click the highlighted link.

Stained Glass Surf

Peer thru the transparent canvass and check out the creative original designs of oldsurferdude Danitz, otherwise known as OSD, surfer and artist, as he blends his artistry with wave and stained glass in these beautiful creations.

Capturing fluidity, lighting and the feel of surf, these photographs don't do the pieces justice - you should see them for yourself.

oldsurferdude and partner, Desne Aabye (Australian Surfing Association Director), will be opening up shop soon to make this work available to the public. 

Stay tuned for more information on when and where you will have a chance to see and purchase this unique art in SL!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

HP Surf Systems: Storm

Check out the latest wetsuit from Leogarto Burt's HP Surf Systems:  Storm.  You can find it at HP Surf Systems shop at Crab Island, HP Surf Point  (39, 63, 22)).  Cost:  500L. 

The Storm package includes (with associated male and female fitted pieces):