Saturday, April 17, 2010

Movie Night at Tsunami

Where else can you go to sit on a comfy cushion surrounded by your best friends, eat movie style popcorn with butter running down your fingers, and watch the latest in movies?
Tsunami - it's not just about the waves...sometimes it's about the popcorn...

Contact Colleen Brennan for more information about movie night and all the other activities Tsunami has to offer!

Friday, April 16, 2010

WOI Announces War Child Affiliation

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Issued: April 16, 2010


Sioban McMahon, West of Ireland CEO

West of Ireland Charity Estate Announces New Affiliation with War Child North America

West of Ireland (WOI), Second Life – Inspired by its three years of efforts in support of Project Children, the WOI estate has taken advantage of changing priorities at the South Texas Celtic Music Association to broaden the scope of its support. The Second Life charity estate West of Ireland (WOI) is pleased to announce its new affiliation with War Child North America.

War Child North America was founded in 1999 and in the last decade has grown into one of the most respected and influential humanitarian organizations. Working to support children whose lives have been torn apart by war, War Child’s programs focus on protecting children’s rights, providing an education and teaching skills that will allow them to build a brighter future for their families and themselves.

War Child actively operates in nine countries with programs that benefit over 200,000 children and their families annually. War Child currently works with communities in Haiti, Afghanistan, Darfur (Sudan), Uganda, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Georgia.  Through dynamic youth engagement, War Child also works to educate and motivate youth in North America to advocate for children's rights everywhere. Since its inception, War Child has relied on the generous support of the music industry to raise awareness and funds for its programming.

The West of Ireland charity estate uses the interactive tools of a virtual environment to promote its partner charity by raising awareness to an international audience, harnessing a volunteer base from across North America and abroad, and providing a solid business model which is self supporting - allowing 100% of donations made to go to the partner charity. In 2009 West of Ireland events raised over $7,000 U.S.

The West of Ireland will be holding a War Child Celebration Weekend to kick-off this new partnership beginning Friday, April 23 at 6pm with a Sherwood Forest themed dance in The Glen, and followed by live performances at Nancy Blake’s Pub, and events at the Library and Cultural Center during the weekend . Information will be posted additionally on the WOI website:

Useful SLURLS:
Glens na hEirean “The Glen” …

Nancy Blake’s Pub …

West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center . . .

For weekly performance schedules and event information, visit:

War Child North America works with children all over the world to reduce poverty, to provide education and to defend their rights. War Child works to help children whose lives have been torn apart by conflict, providing them with the means to build a brighter future.  War Child provides programs focusing on education, child rights, and poverty reduction. War Child works collaboratively, and respectfully, with local partners and communities. More than 90 cents of every dollar received goes towards War Child international programs. The organization keeps administrative costs low in order to ensure that funds raised go directly towards children and their families affected by war and devastation.  For information on War Child North America:

Fashion Feature: Kitties Lair Bikini

Looking hot on the sand is what it's all about in this aqua Kitties Lair bikini.

Eyes: FS New Eye (green)
          LAQ - Glow eyebrows
         Vixen - eye lashes
Hair: Ember - brown black
Shape: Alady V3 Eileen Davidson Bikini model shape
Skin: Agatha glamour 1 beachtan
Accessories: (belly ring) teal star
                    Detour Nails - french - pink
                   DP D-Platinum-Sig-Round-Bamboo Hoop
                   M.R.M. Surf Necklace "Wood Mix & Turquoise"
Outfit: Kitties Lair Micro Bikini Santa Cruz Acqua
Location:  SurfWatch Studios, Stables
Photographer:  Tauri Tigerpaw

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 Second Life Surfing Competition Calendar

Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA)

Date: Saturday, April 17, Invitational
Time: 11 AM SLT
Venue: Monkey Cove
Details: Sunset 200 Longboard. Must be an SLSA member to compete. Registration opens Sunday, April 4, midnight SLT.

Date: Saturday, May 15 Pro, 22 Invitational
Time: 11 AM SLT
Venue: Tai
Details: Fluffy, shortboard. Must be an SLSA member to compete. Registration opens Sunday, May 9, midnight SLT.

Date: Saturday, June 12 Pro, 19 Invitational
Time: 11 AM SLT
Venue: Archipelago
Details: Montego title, multiple waves, short and longboards. Must be an SLSA member to compete. Registration opens Sunday, June 6, midnight SLT.

End of Season ceremony: June 26

Australian Surf Association

Date: Sunday, April 25, 2010
More information to come

Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL (ABSSL)

Date: May 30, 2010 - 3 star event
Time: TBA
Venue: TBA
Details: TBA
Event: TBA
Contact: Rick Galli or Leogarto Burt for more information.
Future dates:
8/1/10 - 4 star event
9/26/10 - 3 star event
11/21/10 - 5 star event

Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) Surf Jam

Date: TBA
Time: 12 noon SLT
Venue: Tuli Bahari
Details: Pipes, shortboard. Must be a member of VSA to compete.
Event: 16th Surf Jam in the series
Contact: VW Sands for more information and to register! Also see and for more information!
Future Dates:
Surf Jam 17 Saturday, May 1, guest sim
Surf Jam 18 Saturday, June 5, Epic on Mori
Surf Jam 19 Saturday, July 3
Surf Jam 20 Saturday, August 7
Surf Jam 21 Saturday, Sept 4
Surf Jam 22 Saturday, Oct 4
Surf Jam 23 Saturday, Nov 6
Surf Jam 24 Saturday, Dec 4

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

T'ai Chi

SurfWatch recently caught up with Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Director, surfing competition innovator, surfing pro, designer, entrepreneur and Chi sim owner, Sally LaSalle, on the recent addition of the Tai sim, a 50% joint venture with Desirae Beaumont.

SurfWatch: What made you decide to add T'ai permanently to Chi and what does T'ai add to Chi?
Sally LaSalle: It has always been the dream to add T'ai as a FULL sim next to Chi. T'ai was always envisaged as a residential surf sim. Chi has always been and will always be a Zen retreat island so residential opportunities on Chi have by design been very restricted. So now, people that enjoy the atmosphere of Chi have a place where they can live right next door with the same zen tropical atmosphere giving residents access to the awesome live music venue, SurfSide Hideaway, as well as the chill-out spots all around Chi. T'ai and Chi are both FULL sims, and this provides the opportunity to host many events including surf competitions with minimal lag and maximum performance.

SW: What are some events and activities on T'ai and on Chi?
SL: T'ai is home to SurfSide Hideaway, one of the oldest and best live music venues in Second Life (SL), and the launching place of many now famous live musicians in SL. Tai will be host to the 4th SLSA surf competition in May. This is an SL Surfing showcase event. Chi also has its famous short pipe and fluffy break. Nearly every top surfer in SL has cut their teeth on this historic break.

SW: Tell us any features you want people to know about both sims?
SL: T'ai and Ch'i both embody the spirit of Zen and embrace the ideas of energy that flows from all the elements of nature and also is embodied in the sport of surfing which brings the surfer in touch with the power and energy of nature. T'ai first welcomes you with one of SL's oldest continuous live music venues. Desirae Beaumont hosts SurfSide Hideaway with a brilliant selection of very talented live musicians playing a regular schedule of shows most days of the month. Sunsets frame the performance with beautiful colours and a warm natural open air atmosphere. An Asian style bath house sits close by, so you can bathe and enjoy the music too! As mentioned, T'ai has residential availability. There are 7 parcels, 6 of which are 1000 prim 4096 sqm tropical islets. These are beautifully landscaped and come ready with the choice of a couple of different exquisitely textured houses. (Residents are also to bring their own home too if it fits in with the theme). Landscaping is such that each island has a feel of privacy and cosiness from the neighbors , but with full views of the surf break and off-sim islets and seas.

Chi is well known for its many chill spots and many a relationship has begun and flourished there culminating in some beautiful weddings. Chi is home to many land and aquatic animals and our two resident Sea Eagles Seeker and Searcher. Chi' has one of the SL's very first hand built an textured Buddhist temples, a beautiful pagoda which is a lovely spot for events and weddings., The Buddha watches over Chi from the mountain opposite the spectacular water fall and ravine, and she/he welcomes you to rest and meditate in his/her palms affording a beautiful rotating view of the island. There are two undersea aquariums full of interesting and varied sea plants and animals and some luscious and unique tropical gardens growing many of Sally's unique interactive tropical trees and shrubs. There is also a sky based planetarium, another wonderful place to relax and meditate and enjoy views of our solar system and galaxy. Chi is also a wonderful place to learn to surf in SL. The break has beaches up either side so you can walk and hop in from any point. You can watch the surfing from some beautiful picnic spots or under the tri-Torri gate by the Taiko drums, or step up on the volcano and get another stunning 360 view of the island, and now look across to T'ai.

SW: Describe the wave types and length of run?

SL: T'ai has a huge 120m wide 200m long surf break, soon to be the first SL home of SSis brand new Sculpted Epic wave. This is also a fun surf break with some lovely beaches and BBQ area to enjoy some surfing with your mates. The surf break is just below the Surfside Hideaway venue. Ch'i has a tricky little pipe and fluffy break, that requires great surfboard control to stay in bounds, as has been said "if you can surf at Chi you can surf anywhere!" Ch'i was the host of the very first ever surf competition, the first ever shortboard comp, the first ever all fluffy comp and is an icon in the SL surfing world. Ch'i will host its 4th birthday later in the year as one of the oldest surf venues still remaining in SL.

SW: What makes these two sims so special?

SL: These sims are special as they embrace and extend the atmosphere originally created with Ch'i. It's sometimes difficult to put in to words the feeling you get walking around Ch'i but the atmosphere and feeling gives you a tangible sense of calm energy and relaxation and positive spirit. This has been the site where so many relationships have begun, and the extension now to T'ai provides the opportunity for people to find a little home of their own with that unique vibe.

SW: What shops are available there?
SL: T'ai is home to sharKbite and Perfect Waves. SharKbite is a very edgy surf, swim and casual fashion brand for both men and women. Desirae and myself purchased the brand from O'Neill Auer and Lala Recreant last year and have been busy refreshing the product line. The aim of sharKbite is to be original, high quality fun and sexy.

Perfect Waves, will be the largest showcase of SSi surfboards and waves anywhere in SL. The aim is to have every surfboard brand shape and size ever made available and on display together with wave and accessory vendors, run by Desirae Beaumont, current SL Surfing Champion. Desirae brings her in-depth knowledge of SL surfing to the perfect waves outlet and can answer any questions about surfing, surfboard types and modifications you can think of.

Ch'i has a mall available for third party venues but is possibly most well known for Chi Flora, Sally's line of tropical trees and shrubs that provide unique interactivity such as falling edible fruit and custom poses for climbing, hugging and sitting by.

SW: Tell us about sharKbite - the new shop, the merchandise, where you come up with designs, etc. and will you be hosting any mini mid-week comps?
SL: The inspiration for design is always tricky as sometimes its purely subconscious, but I think we take a lot of cues from nature, both natural visual light phenomena like aurora's and rainbows and sometimes the raw energy of animals or the aestheticism of plants and flowers. These are packaged up in surprising ways, tho, and subscribers to the sharKbte news group and web site will be given sneaks peaks of new things on the drawing board. We pride ourselves in having beautifully matched seams and contoured clothing as is expected by discerning SL buyers these days. We have some totally original never seen in SL clothing ideas on the drawing board. These are so new, we have to keep them hush hush for the moment, but stay tuned!
Sharkbite will be reviving the mini comps of the past. We will be experimenting with a format again never seen before in SL so keep an eye out for that !! ;)

Read SurfWatch's first Surf Report on Chi from February 2008:
SURF REPORT: Chi, unique surf breaks with a touch of Zen

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Island Sea Dreams - New Location

Find your dream swimsuit, beachwear, board and other beach accessories at the newest location of Countess Decosta's Island Sea Dreams at the newly remodeled Tsunami Beach (25, 88, 22). 

Stroll the boardwalk on two levels, catch a wave, take a short walk on a long pier, and stop in Island Sea Dreams to catch a special sale.  Island Sea Dreams is an official SurfWatch merchandiser.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Coveted Rentals Available

Ever dreamed about living on the white sandy shores, the sound of seagulls mixed with the soothing rhythmic sounds of the surf...catch a wave out your front door...count the stars at night sparkling on the ocean...then now is your chance - make your home on Mori!

Home of the Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA), you can always find a friendly group surfing, dancing, or just hanging out waiting for some conversation. 

Learn to surf and explore the 3 sims that make of Mori, Tuli and Mahali.

Beach Shacks are 650L per week with 400 prims and Skybeaches are 500L per week with 300 prims.  Additional Prims can be purchased.  Contact VW Sands or Lissa Pinion for more details on how you can experience Second Life (SL) living on the beach!

Mari's Mailbag - In The Tube and On it Surf Report

I just have to write about filming SurfWatch's "In The Tube and On It" Surf Report with Marianna Monentes. What a hoot!! That was incredibly fun to do even though I had some technical difficulties like getting my toes to grasp the rock like eagle talons or a goat!! Then my voice went out and took some tech saavy that really pinched my brain but was able to work it out. This is great for you because we will be doing interviews that you will want to see and maybe even be interviewed! Aeryn Kidd, our technical director, has shown so much patience with me and helps to get it right down to every detail. Thank you, Aeryn.

We are currently working on Traffic report with Lissa Pinion as our Reporter and Quench Spotter as our helicopter pilot. Tauri Tigerpaw thought this through, and I am so impressed with her format and the people she chose to work on this project. I feel its something we all needed to lift our spirts somewhat. There are other projects and columnists that are going to have you very entertained! Make sure you stay tuned - you don't want to miss a single episode!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

SurfWatch In the Tube and On It

Starring Lissa Pinion and Quench "Q" Spotter
Produced by Aeryn Kidd and Marianna Monentes
A SurfWatch Production
Live Traffic Report

SurfSide Hideaway Schedule Week 4/11/10

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Get the Surfside experience. Join us for fun and sun at our Tai location hidden away between the volcano of Chi and the surfing beach of Tai.

Sunday 4/11

1:00 PM SLT Kitzie Lane

Monday 4/12

1:00 PM SLT SLavE Girls
2:00 PM SLT Mudge Barbara
3:00 pm slt Cree Cybertar

Tuesday 4/13
2:00 PM SLT Saintess Larnia
3:00 PM SLT Hayduke Schnook

Wednesday 4/14
1:00 PM SLT Lexie Luan
2:00 PM SLT Zorch Boomhauer
3:00 pm slt CharlieO Michigan

Thursday 4/15
4:00 PM SLT Ciske Crumb

Happy Birthday, Jimbo the Cartboy!

SurfWatch readers are by now very familiar with our favorite Cartboy and his channel surfing adventures; his love, the fabulous Emma Portilo; their beautiful home on Isoropia; Tasya, the newest member of their family; and Bandit, Jimbo's long time companion.  In honor of Jimbo's birthday, SurfWatch brings you a trip into an early chapter in his Second Life (SL).

Walking alone in the sand on the sunset beaches, Jimbo left many two-legged footprints on many SL shores.  In many of the rock outcroppings at various surf sims, "Jimbo was here" can be found scrawled in black magic marker.  He always collected stray carts from the beaches and returned them to the local markets.

Unbeknownst to him, a lone dog was leaving many four-legged paw prints on many SL shores, seemingly intent on some unfathomable mission and burying strange objects in the sand.

Inevitably, the two of them became a team like peanut butter and jelly, leaving six varied foot and paw prints in the sands.  The legend of Bandit and Jimbo had begun.

Many people are unaware that Jimbo worked early on as a lifeguard at Cornish surfing beach, saving many over-daring surfers overcome by the challenging waves (and losing a few as well.  Does anyone still see Dumisani Ah?  It's rumored Jimbo went out to save him and came back to shore with an empty floatie.)

And most people are unaware that Bandit was also employed as a lifeguard to save Jimbo when he went in to save the surfers.

However, Bandit was caught in some questionable behavior.  Jimbo was initially blamed for the torn and chewed swimsuits appearing on the beaches.
But when Jimbo was also blamed for inappropriately "watering" the famous Sisterhood of the Sand (SOS) plant, a hidden camera revealed the real culprit.

Bandit was banned to the outskirts where Jimbo loyally followed him, sleeping on the beach in makeshift tents and dodging coconuts until one day running into Emma Portilo when everything changed.  But that's another story for another birthday.

Wishing you all the best on your special day!  Out of all the cartboys in the world, you are one in a million!