Saturday, February 13, 2010

Celebrating Ang's Rez Day!

The party deck at Mori was the site of a gathering of friends to celebrate the one year Rez Day of Angelle Aluveaux on Thursday, February 11, 2010. 

Maldrul Morris was on hand spinning the tunes while party goers danced, twirled flaming batons and drank shots of tequila. 

Guests even lined up for a precarious bunny hop! 

And two very special beefcake friends of Ang's showed up to share the celebration, Buff and Biff. 

Word has it the 3 headed off to continue the celebration at an after party locale!

Congratulations on one year in Second Life, Ang!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Second Life Surfing Association Mori Pwani Pro Heat Draws

Per 2/12/10 7:30 AM SLT

Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Mori Pwani Pro heat draws and competition information:

Saturday, February 13th, 11 AM SLT - Heat one check in at 10:45 AM SLT
3 wave heats
The first placing riders from each heat will compete in the final heat.

All finalists and second placing riders from the Pro event will be automatically qualified to compete in the next competition, the Mori Pwani Invitational, taking place on Saturday, Feb 20th.

The Top 2 Pro scores that don't automatically qualify to compete will receive wild cards and will also be invited to compete in the Invitational.

Heat 1

Bodhi Lowtide (RED)
Angelle Aluveaux (BLUE)
Jordan Mendle (GREEN)
Coolkat Delicioso (ORANGE)
Avidward Flagon (PURPLE)

Heat 2

Buffy Munro (RED)
Aurora Jacks (BLUE)
rain Tigerfish (GREEN)
Painless Skytower (ORANGE)

Heat 3

sven Homewood (RED)
Countess Decosta (BLUE)
Dixson Martian (GREEN)
Noie Jinx (ORANGE)

Heat 4

Mick Lunasea (RED)
Crusader Arado (BLUE)
Rayzza Rubble (GREEN)
Hummer Lefavre (ORANGE)

Heat 5

Yendor Destiny (RED)
Snapple Sneerwell (BLUE)
Maren Macarthur (ORANGE)

Valentine's Day - it's all about da loooove!

Looking for a special way to propose to the one you love?  Wanting to send a secret Valentine crush a hug or kiss?  Bursting with love and just wanting to shout it to the virtual world?  Have a friend you want to know you love them?  Have a group you want to send some love? It doesn't cost a dime, just takes a little time!

Here's your chance!  Send Tauri Tigerpaw a notecard in world - title it confidential or put that in the text if you want to keep it secret.  We will post your proposal, your secret Valentine crush, your love vow - whatever you want - in SurfWatch on Valentine's Day!  We could send a posting of flowers, candy, hearts, hugs, kisses, smooches, admiration, devotion - you tell us how you feel, and we'll help you share it with the world and the one you love!

Share your love - confidentially if you wish - on Valentine's Day.  We could all use a little love.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL

The Associacao Brasileira de Surf no Second Life  (ABSSL) is hosting a costume party at 22 hours GMT on HP Surf!  Linden awarded for best costume, so head on out to Crab Island and party the Brazilian way!  Contact Beatriz Viper for more information.

SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Celebration Competition

Desne Aabye, Director of the Australian Surf Association (ASA) and Competition Coordinator for SurfWatch's 2 Year Anniversary Celebration competition, is proud to announce the list of competitors for this unique event:

1.DeVinna Toll
2.Mick Lunasea
3.CoolKat Delicioso
4.Wicked V Carver
5.carleena Mosely
6.followingwaves Sirbu
7.MarkFoo Waverider
8.Figger Arun

Standby List:

Tanya Sideways
Hummer Lefavre

Congratulations to our 8 competitors, and you can still add your name to the standby list!


1st Prize $1000L, Trophy and Commenorative Surf Watch
2nd Prize $500L, Trophy and Commenorative Surf Watch
3rd Prize $250L Trophy and Commenorative Surf Watch

3 waves (type TBA), 8 riders, 4 heats.. 2 surfers... no finals
Open board, open ride - anything goes!

SurfWatch has a special gift for the 8 entrants they'll receive on competition day! This is the wildest competition to hit Second Life (SL) surfing! Use your animations, your gestures, your HUDS and have the time of your life!

Judging criteria:
Point system 1-10 for each of the below: (surfer with the most points wins)
1. Most entertaining ride 1-10 pts
2. Coolest Trix 1-10 pts
3. Most flips in one ride 1-10 pts
4. Most bellies in one ride 1-10 pts
5. Best Hair 1-10 pts

Judges decide how many points per surfer to give for the 5 different cirtieria.
Ties to be determined by Head Judge and Desne Aabye

Mari's Mailbag - Judging

Just recently I took the judges training held by Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Directors Sally LaSalle and Desirae Beaumont. It lasted a couple of hours and was not only informative, it was really enjoyable. Learning what points to give for style, tricks and distance; learning to be impartial; looking at rashie color and not the name of the surfer. To me it's so important to consider each surfer as if it were me out there; doing everything in my power to ensure a fair score. You have to focus for the entire time you judge, sometimes 6 to 8 hours at a comp. Keeping your camera at the right distance to see everything then pull back enough to see distance ridden. At the end of the ride, you have to zoom to the next rider in line and begin again.

I loved it. I was able to see the strengths of the riders and the sheer determination when obstacles arise such as lag or the bellying that so often occurs. As long as you're up by the count of three, you are still being judged.  If, however, you cannot get up, you are judged up to that point to which you bellied. It's awesome to still be a part of the surf community even though I cannot compete due to an ISP that is too slow to execute the best tricks. For any of you who love the surf scene and want to contribute, I strongly suggest volunteering for SLSA as a Judge, Marshall or many other duties that arise at a surf comp. Think you will feel the same as me...its incredible.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SurfWatch...2 Years in the Making...

SurfWatch editor in chief, Tauri Tigerpaw, Founder, Barchan Paderborn, and In-World Edition Editor, Ashleigh Dickins want you to know...

In honor of SurfWatch's 2 Year Anniversary Celebration Event, SurfWatch invites you to enter:

1.  Surfboard Art Design Contest - win linden and prizes, popular vote, first 20 entrants.  Enter your board now, voting starts on Feb 20-27 with winner announced at the party Feb 27.  Show off your creative talents!  Only 20 entrants accepted, so don't wait!  Contact Mick Lunasea for more information or see SW Feb 4, 2010, SurfBoard Art Contest for more details!

2.  Photo Contest - win linden and prizes, popular and judges vote, first 20 entrants.  Enter your surf and beach photo art now, voting starts on Feb 20-27 with winner announced at the party Feb 27.  Everyone has a little bit of the SL photographer trapped inside - let it out and share those photos!  Only 20 entrants accepted, so don't wait!  Contact Bobbi Laval for more information or see SW Feb 5, 2010, Photo Contest for more details!

3.  SW Surfing Competition - win linden and prizes in an anything goes surfing competition, first 8 to contact Desne Aabye and sign up are in and receive a very special pre-comp gift created especially for Surfwatch!  We've all had a blast surfing with our animations, HUDS, gestures - now win prizes doing it!  Contact Desne for more information or see SW Feb 8, 2010, Surfing Competition for more details!

Second Life Surfing Association Announces Candidate Call

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) has announced the call for candidates to fill two director seats opening up on the SLSA Board.  The two available seats, for Abel Halderman and Desirae Beaumont, are open for election on March 1, 2010.  The SLSA is taking candidate cards until February 16, midnight SLT. 

The SLSA has requested that the candidate card contain: 
-  name
-  willingness and to serve a full term
-  any affiliations of team, product or sim ownership
-  a paragraph or two outlining candidate background
-  vision for the SLSA

To run, check eligibility at:

Complete a notecard with the above information.

Submit the completed notecard to the current sitting directors:  Sally LaSalle, Giavannamarie Melody, Ashleigh Dickins, Desirae Beaumont, Abel Halderman by midnight SLT on February 16, 2010.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rough Guide to Second Life Surfing

(or Shut Up and Surf!)  This is a basic listing of what's out on the grid, listed by wave type offered as of 1/25/10.  Many places have multiple wave styles and like to change them up from time to time, but this list represents what was found as of 1/25/10.  Thanks to Socks Clawtooth for all of his work in creating the original list of surfing sims from which this is based.  And special thanks to Kantbe Thursday for diligently checking and updating this list and sharing it with the Second Life (SL) surfing community!

Beachmice, Kryten (102, 62, 23)
Knowhere, Knowhere (94, 6, 20)
Costa rica, Leatherback Turtles, Las Baulas (216, 55, 22)
Monkey Cove, Syx (64, 72, 21)
Mori Pwani - "Friends Beach", Erie Heights (121, 221, 21)
Neart Surf Epic II Free Lo, Neart (23, 65, 26)
Costa Rica, ManuelAntonio Nation, Pacifico Central 1 (242, 62, 21)
Goombah Recreation Sim, Southend (161, 188, 21) Currently pipes but will change out periodically
Lost Lovers Island (195, 90, 24)

Sunset/other "large" wave sets
Surf Braata Beach - surf the Epi, JJ Lanes (98, 158, 21) various waves
Tsunami Beach (241, 120, 21) sunset
Kauai, Hawaii - Kauai Island Res, Kauai (53, 98, 21)  sunset
Boracay Islands, Boracay Islands (103, 84, 22) Action 100m Maverick
Kekoa & Rodazz surfing beyoooootch, isla Libertad (171, 133, 21) sunset
Lok's Bitterend, Veil of the Moon 3 (235, 74, 21) sunset

Grandblue Bella (114, 163, 21)
Point Paradise, Telework (213, 23, 22)
Southern Coast Surf & Sky NARITA (167, 77, 21) loaner board, no rez area
Surfside Hideaway, Cocoon (198, 137, 21)
Wicked Island (99, 215, 21)
SL Surfing Association Home Beach, Archipelago (194, 89, 21) various waves
...of the valley, Lily (141, 128, 26)

Pipes with fluffies (may currently be fluffies only)
Bundoran Reef, Surf Free Bo, Bundoran Reef (103, 51, 21)
Chi - a portal gateway that awai, Chi (125, 211, 22)
Destiny's Lounge Beach Club, Darling (91, 74, 21) - rez by buoy
Kokommo Beach - let the good time, Old Misty Orleans (89, 198, 22)
Montego Beach - Rez Area, Sands Point NW (5, 121, 21)
Oahu Hawaii, Oahu (82, 158, 26)
Quan Li, Tropical Island Surfi, Quan Li (200, 130, 21)
Serina & Qventa, Easthaven (224, 89, 21)
Surf Camp Surf HU, PrimWorks (145, 196, 21)
Syx Monkies due South of Monkey Cove, Syx (55, 92, 22)
Thetis Bahia Surf Beach, Ocean Shores (11, 162, 21)
Tiki Lounge & Tiki Tattoo, Tiki Tattoo Cove (33, 167, 21)
Tuli Bahari - Tranquil Ocean, Tuli Bahari (127, 157, 24)
Virtual Nokia, Nokia (41, 172, 55)

Fluffies only
Mahali Mechi (119, 153, 22)
Mortons Gully (58, 172, 21)
Naturum Island Resort, naturum island (68, 110, 21)
New Kaizen Shopping Plaza, Kissena Park (158, 241, 22)
PX Caves and Surfing, Leger (80, 170, 20)
San Diego - San Diego in SL, San Diego City (210, 154, 33)
Spartan Women Surf Beach, Emerald isle (74, 175, 21)
Teahupoo surf Beach on the Commo, Commonwealth 3 (133, 101, 21)
Xuriel, Wolchulsan (47, 97, 21)

Other wave types
Asayake Beach, Asayake (217, 150, 21) Teahupoo 1
Teahupo'o - world Class Surfing, Teahupo'o (103, 12, 21) Action
Tortola, Tortola (138, 24, 21) Action
Sol Mananero surf, Sol Mananero (22, 70, 21) Teahupoo and pipes
HP Surf Point, Crab Island (153, 96, 21) Joaquina

Island Sea Dreams - Official SurfWatch Merchandiser

SurfWatch proudly recognizes Countess Decosta of Island Sea Dreams, one of two Official SurfWatch Merchandisers of SurfWatch clothing and accessories.  We asked Connie to share some of her history and background in Second Life (SL) with our readers:

Countess Decosta

Joining SL early 2007, I was fresh out of newbie school and headed out into the big wide world of SL.  So exciting, so new.  The world of the newbie hit me. What do I do?  Where do I go? how do I find people ?  I joined with my ex who had been in SL for 4 years prior.  I joined a rock band and hung out for awhile with the rock scene.

Being new to SL, I eventually headed out on my own to find the new world. On my journeys, I found Surf City. I ran into Rob (Mapp) and Mick (Lunasea) sitting on the beach one day talking about real surfing. I liked what I heard and joined in.  As I grew up on the beaches on the Gold Coast and still live there 45 years later, I felt like I fit in totally.

Mick and Rob wanted to show me how to surf in this unreal world, and I couldnt work it out at first. I thought, "That's not surfing (laughs)".  But as I learned,  I made the board do the things I wanted it to do - turn when I wanted. Rob made some pretty neat boards and everyone of them different.

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) started that year, and Mick wanted me to surf. I put it off as I was still in a rock band, going to SL University three times a week and hanging out at a Club. I finally converted to surfing the following season where Mick and I started to hang and he taught me all he knows.
The surfing comps started, and I used to surf, thinking, "Omg, I'm surfing in SL!  How funny."  I'm not a computer person and couldn't work out the damn keys ( laughs). Well, now I just hang ten on a board, surf
the comps and generally hang with my mates.

Over the years, I have made all my own clothes and opened my first shop on Surf City.  I make things basically for myself then thought, why not share them with people? I love to share and hope others can get as much joy out of what I make as I do.  I've had many shops around the sims and currently own Island Sea Dreams right next door to my love's bike shop (Yendor Destiny, Dream Works Customs).  We customized and make to order, mainly. All my bikinis and swimwear can be made to suit, and if you don't find something you like, just leave me an IM with request.  I'd love the challenge.

Over the last year, I have been performing Murder Mysteries and have one next month scheduled in February.  They're great fun, and what's a good old murder between friends!  In my spare time, I have headed the communities departement for Burning Life for the last two years, and what a blast.

My Life wouldnt be complete if I hadnt met my love. I was surfing alone one day on a beach feeling a little down as things were changing and along came this gorgeous hunk of man. I caught the wave in and before me - WOW!  We spoke, and I introduced Yendor into surfing with me on my board.  From there, we surfed
everywhere together.  It was a dream come true. We have now been together a year January 6th, 2010, and loving every minute we're together.  Colleen Brennan takes ownership of putting us together (laughs).  If not for Tsunami Beach, we may have never met.

I now spend most of my time with my love when we're on and making my clothes and new line for this coming summer. And when not building and being a total silly billy, I love my surfing.  If you would like to IM me anytime, I'm always open to helping others and believe in showing newbies how to create. Its magical.

SurfWatch has a new line of incredible merchandise created especially by Connie Decosta for SurfWatch.  Look for it to be debuted at the SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Celebration and available for sale March 2010. 

SurfWatch Traffic Reports - Over Sol

SurfWatch is monitoring all the traffic to help you find the fastest route to your surfing destination.  Flying overhead the sandy beaches of Sol Mananero, skies are blue and traffic is all clear!  Watch for the SurfWatch traffic chopper at your location! Surfwatch - in the tube and on it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Party Second Life Surfing Competition!

SurfWatch will be hosting its first ever Mini Surf Comp at the 2 Year Anniversary Party on Saturday, February 27th at 2 PM SLT!

1st Prize $1000L, Trophy and Commenorative Surf Watch 
2nd Prize $500L, Trophy and Commenorative Surf Watch
3rd Prize $250L Trophy and Commenorative Surf Watch

3 waves (type TBA), 8 riders
4 heats.. 2 surfers... no finals

Open board, open ride - anything goes!

SurfWatch has a special gift for the 8 entrants!  Be the first 8 to contact Desne Aabye, and be entered to compete in the wildest competition to hit Second Life (SL) surfing!  Use your animations, your gestures, your HUDS and have the time of your life!

Judging criteria:

Point system 1-10 for each of the below:  (surfer with the most points wins)

1. Most entertaining ride 1-10 pts
2. Coolest Trix 1-10 pts
3. Most flips in one ride 1-10 pts
4. Most bellies in one ride 1-10 pts
5. Best Hair 1-10 pts

3 Judges decide how many points per surfer to give for the 5 different cirtieria.
Ties to be determined by Head Judge and Desne Aabye

Guess this Gray Haired Surfer and Win Linden!

Who can miss the gray haired diva hitting the surf?  Be the first to guess this gray-haired surfer, new member of the Tsunami surf team, maker of specialty cupcakes, and teller of early surfing and Duke stories, and win 500L!  Just post your answer in comments - first person to name her wins!

Second Life Surfing Association Survey Results

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) posted the results of their recent member survey.  Log on to to see detailed survey results.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Photos from SurfJam 14

Special thanks to Galagan Raymaker for these incredible photos!

Registration Opens for First Second Life Surfing Association Comp of Season 1

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) just announced registrations are open for the first competition of Season 1, the Mori Pwani Epic Longboard Pro.  To  register go to the SLSA Forum:

Valentine's Day - It's all about da Loooooove!

Tell us who and what you love and we'll post it for Valentine's Day!  Send a notecard and/or a texture (full perms) to Tauri Tigerpaw in world and we will share your love for all the world to see!  Whether it's someone special, surfing, your favorite pair of boardies, your board, your favorite beach or wave - share da love for Valentine's Day and let SurfWatch post it for you!  It's better than flowers and candy!

Channel Surfing with Jimbo the Cart Boy


Hey Fellow Surfers, I was rummaging around in my movie collection the other day and happen to come across one of my all time favorite movies… Point Break staring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

OK, so let me give it to you in a nut shell… Hot shot FBI agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) teams up with crusty over the hill LA cop to catch elusive bank robbers led by thrill seeking surfer Bohdi (Patrick Swayze ) who robs banks for pizza and sex wax money dressed in x-president mask disguises. While undercover, Johnny gets surf lessons plus a whole lot more from Bohdi’s old girlfriend. Johnny gets in good with the local surf boys, learns to surf, skydive, and party hard with the locals. Johnny eventually becomes torn and has to make an important decision; either to uphold the law as an FBI agent, or hang out and party with his surf buddies and get into all sorts of trouble.

Have a look at the official movie trailer –

The movie has lots of great action, and some very entertaining and memorable movie quotes, and plenty of good eye candy, especially for all you lady surfers. So if your looking for the “ultimate rush” or “100% pure adrenalin”, give Point Break a look.

Did you know??? Patrick Swayze did most of the surfing scenes himself without a stunt double and even cracked 4 ribs during the filming of the movie.

Would love to hear some of your thoughts about the Point Break, please leave a comment.

Till next time, SURF SAFE!

Jimbo The Cart Boy