Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) Christmas Party!

photos courtesy Ash Dickins and MaryAnn Maa

The VSA celebrated the season with a snowman contest to benefit Toys for Tots and a holiday party to rock the deck!  Everyone, especially Toys for Tots, were winners, but officially the honors went to:

1st: Petticoat Peccable
2nd: Syx Toshi
3rd: Paola Paulino
Most Original: Maryann Maa
Most Warped Mind: Lizzie Beeswing

Honorable Mentions:
Countess Decosta
Kenny Hoorenback
Brigit Ranger

Prizes: Each place receives one surfboard courtesy of Sands Surfboards

1st Place: 1000L
2nd Place: 500L
3rd Place: 250L
Most Original and Most Warped: 250L each
Honorable Mentions: Surf Boards

Second Life Surfing Association 2009 Awards

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins
1st photo courtesy Sally LaSalle
both profile photos courtesy MaryAnn Maa

The SLSA was proud to honor members nominated and voted on by other members and the Hall of Fame (HoF) members:

Novelty Awards:

Best Competition Location
-Mori Pwani

Best Gesture

Best Song To Surf To
- Muse - Uprising

Advanced to round 2 the most - Tie between 2 people who advanced from R1 3 times!
Robbin Ember
Cymindra Deschanel

Craziest Outfits (TIE)
-FollowingWaves Sibru
-Sock Clawtooth

Crowd Clown
- VW Sands

Favorite SLSA Venue Performer
- Tauri Tigerpaw

Funniest Drunk
- Tauri Tigerpaw

Loudest Cheerer
- Desne Aabye

Most Likely to Break/Lose a Board
- Kimmy Jigsaw

Most Likely to fall asleep during the comp
- Abel Halderman

Most likely to retire
- Robin Mapp

Most likely to say they're retiring but not.
- SexyBoy Oh

Most Improved = Person who made biggest rank jump between last and this season
-VW Sands

Most Memorable Moment

- Colleen vs. Jac's Surf off in the semi finals at Mori

Most Spectacular Crash
-goes to Linden Labs, for restarting Sol Mananero in the middle of the comp!

Rookie of the Season = Person w/ Highest rank who didn't surf last season
- Sally LaSalle

Worst Gesture
- Haka

Worst Lag
- Dooobie

Worst Wave Luck
- Cymindra at Montego, Second Epic Panel not rezzing

Angel Award:

The new Angel Award went to Sally LaSalle. The Angel award goes to the person... well you read the SLSA forum! It's inspired by the quote from 'It's a Wonderful Life' - "Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"

The top 3 teams were:

1st- Reef Riders
2nd- Tai Chi
3rd- Tsunami

The top 5 surfers were:

1st- Desirae Beaumont
2nd- SexyBoy Oh
3rd- Socks Clawtooth
4th- Colleen Brennan
5th- Wilfrid Decuir

Hall of Fame New Inductees:

Desirae Beaumont
Sexyboy Oh
Abel Halderman
Tauri Tigerpaw

Rocky Horror Picture Show Party

Friday, December 18, the SLSA celebrated Rocky Horror Picture Show style with DJ Desi spinning the tunes from the popular cult classic!  Party goers danced their garters off at SLSA Archipelago!

Yen and Con want to wish you...

Surfing 101 - Sim and Surfboard Graphics (Textures)

Mick Lunasea is a long time surf instructor (editors note: See High on a Wave, SurfWatch March 17, 2009), former SLSA Director, and owner of Pacific Coast Hwy sims and SurfCrazy surf shops. Mick will be periodically sharing his knowledge with the readers of SurfWatch. Click on the PCH logo on the sponsor logo section to the right to link to the Pacific Coast Highway blog.

Second Life (SL) lag issues affect SL surfing, either surfing alone or in contests. I'm no sim expert, but i do know a little about graphics (texture artwork) and graphic display performance.

Notice when arriving at a sim, the viewer draw speed of your surroundings. Some stuff draws fast.  Other things take time displaying the 256 RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color pallet. No matter what graphics card you're running, you can see this. A 1024MB or 512MB graphics card loads art faster than a 256MB or one sharing memory resources with the motherboard.

Larger art files, although highly ,display slower than smaller files. A 1024 x 1024 pixtle image loads slower than a 512 x 512 a 256 x 256 256 2/3 faster and a 128 x 128 image a full four times faster.

When building a sim, the artwork involved should be taken into consideration. If lower detail is acceptable, a smaller image will do the job. (Love those palm trees but 4 x 1024 - damn they load slow). If you need to see that fly on the wall, then bigger is better.

So whats that gotta do with surfboard art? Not a giant amount of difference, but if your board's decorated with a 128 x 128 swatch instead of a 1024 x 512 image, the sims CPU and your viewer is gonna display it faster.  (smiles)  Damn, maybe I coulda made that turn instead of bellying.


Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 SURF CALENDAR: Comps and Activites/Events

(editors note: All events and activities subject to change - recheck the schedule often!)


ASA Party

The Australian Surfing Association is having an unofficial Xmas bash to celebrate their new clubhouse  at Monkey Cove, Monkey Paw (230, 96, 23)!  Saturday, December 19, 12 AM SLT
For more information, contact Rayzza Rubble or Desne Aabye


Saturday, December 19, 12 PM SLT, the SLSA will be celebrating at their end of season Awards Party!
Novelty awards, Hall of Fame inductions, dancing and pahhhh-tayyyyy!  


Sunday, December 27, Archipelago Sim, the SLSA and SurfWatch present Mele Kalikimaka, a Surfer's Holiday Celebration!

Pacific Coast Highway

The Rock Store - chill out with classic rock, bad jokes, and wave tales, 5 to 7 PM SLT every Sat and Sunday. 

Tidewater Canyon River

Every Wednesday night, head over to Tidewater Canyon River for Wednesday night whitewater kayak racing, 6-7 PM SLT.  100L prize to the top racer each week!  Contact Guiles Tidewater for more information.

Do you know the way to Boracay?

Boracay Islands has installed the 100m Maverick! We also have fine dining at Sunset Dining Pavillion. You can also browse through Marianna's beautiful fountains at Fantasy Fountains with new designs added daily. Many of the prices are below 500L, making them great gifts for birthdays or Christmas! They are a great addition on any beach or in your garden. Come see Boracay Island! Surf's up!


Single or two man beach volleyball - nothing like it!  Now also at Mori Pwani.  It's really very easy - don't let the instructions fool you - and such a blast!  Check it out! 

Mori Pwani/Tuli Bahari Surf School

Mondays 11-2 SLT - new rider intro
Wednesdays 11-2 SLT - Advanced tricks
Fridays 11-2 SLT - pre-comp prep and routines

All of the surf classes on the sims are free of charge and held by VW Sands, Slave Lacey, or a guest surf instructor.

If you want to add your event information, please contact Tauri Tigerpaw

Useful links

Holiday Greetings from Mari and RW!

Wishing you all the best of the season from Boracay Islands!

Announcements VI


(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)

`*.¸.*´ Laval Photography `*.¸.*´

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (`'·.¸(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´) ¸.·'´) (¨*•.¸ (¨*•.¸`•.¸

(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• •`¯¨• ¸¸ `•. `•.¸) `•.¸)


Holiday Photos 2009

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays to all.
If you have not done your Holiday or Christmas pics yet, give me a call.
I am discounting my normal rates for the holiday season for holiday themed pictures.
$L 300 for your finished photo, ready for display or holiday giving.
I have my studio full of holiday themed sets and props for individual or couples photos.
Its easy to do, just wear your favorite holiday outfits, pick the set and pose you want, pick the holiday greeting you want. (See sample to right)
I have been getting these pics back with very short turn around times.
Thanks, and Happy Holidays


I is for...Incredible new letter and poses at eMOTIONS by *SKC*!  The letter I comes with one male, one female pose.  As with all letters, I is +copy/+mod.  That means you can move the poses around, change the size of the letter, the texture, color, even add lighting effects if you so wish.  This is a great addition to your photography props collection or a unique way to advertise your store/club/sim name.  Be creative!  Also BRAND NEW in the store today are 2 new girl sitting poses.  These two cuties poses are just adorable!  Contact Sierra Sugar for more information!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sierra and Shane Share Holiday Greetings!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

VSA Holiday Greetings

This holiday, let all your friends and the SL surf community share your greeting!  Send your greeting in  texture or picture file to Tauri Tigerpaw and get posted!

Continued Operations/Griefer Testing

SurfWatch has been asked to conduct another series of competition griefer testing to include some additional tests.  If you have any tests you would like seen conducted effecting Second Life (SL) competitive sports, particularly SL surfing; test assumptions on tests already conducted; and/or if you would like to be a panelist and observe/verify the tests, please contact Tauri Tigerpaw and we will arrange for testing at a time most convenient to all interested parties.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Greetings!!!

Send us your holiday card as a full perm and we'll post your holiday greeting through Christmas and New Years Day!  (I have two this year, so you get a double dose of greeting from me!)  Send to Tauri Tigerpaw in world or - we would love to post your greeting!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Season 2 2009 Rankings

The SLSA has just posted the 2009 Season 2 rankings and the top 20 are:

1.  Desirae Beaumont
2.  SexyBoy Oh
3.  Socks Clawtooth
4.  Colleen Brennan
5.  Wilfrid DeCuir
6.  VW Sands
7.  Sean Azambuja
8.  Sally LaSalle
9.  Kimmy Jigsaw
10. Bobbi Lavel
11. Followingwaves Sirbu
12. GiavannaMarie Melody
13. Maldrul Morris
14. Kim Henig
15. Sassy1 Fizzle
16. Sweetcajan Voom
17. Sunrize Mornington
18. MarkFoo Waverider
19. WickedV Carver
20. Abel Halderman

Congratulations to the top 20 Season 2 surfers!  For a look at all the rankings, go to:

And the top 5 teams for Season 2 2009 are:

1.  Reef Riders
2.  Team TaiChi
3.  Team Tsunami
4.  Team Piranha
5.  Vibrations Surf Alliance

For a complete listing of team placements, go to:

Announcements V


SurfWatch Open Positions

SurfWatch is exploding with opportunity in 2010!  We are currently looking for a Merchandising Director to head up the Merchandising Division.  If you are creative, well organized, looking for a team project with a potential for growth, opportunity and linden, check out SurfWatch.  SurfWatch is also seeking a part-time Receptionist to host at SurfWatch headquarters, answer questions, and assist staff.  We are always interested in talking to writers and photographers who are interested in SL surfing and the SL surfing community.   Contact Tauri Tigerpaw to find out more.  And stay tuned for more information on SurfWatch's 2 year anniversary celebration event coming in February 2010!

The Gifts of your Dreams

In time for your holiday shopping, take care of the him and her on your list with one stop shopping!  Connie Decosta's shop, Island Sea Dreams, with all the latest in beachwear; and Yendor Destiny's Dream Works Customs classic bike and surfboard shop, both located at Kai moana aloha punana, Jiradic (18, 199, 29). 

Team Spirit

SurfWatch is experimenting with a new section devoted specifically to SL surfing teams.  If you have a team need - sponsor, captain, home beach, trainer, surfers, anything - or you are looking for a team to join, contact SurfWatch and we will post it here.  If you have information about training or parties or any other team related information, consider posting it here!

Team Boracay

Team owner/Captain:  Harbor Piers
Home Base:  Boracay Islands (112, 80, 22)
Always looking for team members who want to be part of a great family of team mates.  We practice a couple of times a week.  Please contact Harbor Piers for more information.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Griefer Testing Findings

SurfWatch sponsored a series of tests to observe the effect of some activities on competitive Second Life (SL) surfing. The testing was conducted on Wednesday, December 9, 2009, at 6:30 AM SLT. The results of this testing could also apply to any competitive SL sports, i.e., simboarding, sailboat racing, racecar driving, etc. and will be made available to any other SL parties that have expressed interest.


An SL Surfing Association (SLSA) expert was scheduled to conduct the testing, however, due to last minute Real Life (RL), the expert was unable to attend and members of the panel were able to recreate the test elements and conduct the tests. A diverse panel was invited to observe, ask questions and participate. The testing was unable to be videotaped during this session, however, the documented results of this testing will be used to educate surfers and officials on effects of these tested activities during a competition; provide a written record of observable results; and develop a baseline for future and/or further griefer testing.

This testing was undertaken by SurfWatch with the assistance of the SLSA as they are the governing body of SLSA competitions and training. The intent is that it be used as a training tool for SLSA officials and surfers in general to have a better understanding of what can happen when a surfer during a competition claims to have been interfered with; to help surfers identify when they have been interfered with as opposed to sim lag; and to help identify in general ways various SL competitions - not just surfing - can be effected for identification and, if possible, prevention.

This was a SurfWatch event and panelists were invited to participate by SurfWatch - the SLSA had no input on who would be sitting on the panel and, in fact, did not know who was invited on the panel until the actual testing. A wide range of the surfing community were invited to sit in on the panel and everyone is invited to review and comment on the results of the testing. Specific comments by panelists are identified below by initials.

SurfWatch did have testing critera in place which was not distributed in advance. We are sharing this information as well as asking for input on our findings and would be very interested in seeing any additional tests, especially by others that have technical expertise and knowledge. Prior to this testing, we developed a test outline. We tested on a homestead sim because that is where the majority of competitions take place, and we tried to duplicate conditions that officials and surfers would face when trying to identify these issues. Our findings and the observations and recommendations of the panel follow. We invite public comment as well, and would be willing to host future test sessions if there is interest.


Time: 6:30 AM SLT
Date: Wed Dec 9, 2009
Location: SLSA sim Archipelago

Moderator: SurfWatch Tauri Tigerpaw (TT)
Surfers: Abel Halderman (AH), Desirae Beaumont (DB)
Panel: Lissa Pinion (LP), Marianna Monentes (MM), Kantbe Thursday (KT), Socks Clawtooth (SC), Buffy Munro (BM), List of Invited panelists who did not attend available on request

1. Demonstrate holding a no-mod spherical object in observable edit mode while tapping or clicking on boards and/or waves (masking):

SW: We were able to hold a visible edit stream on a no-mod spherical object within the sim while clicking on waves and surfboards sitting in line up or surfing along a wave and affecting the wave and the rider almost undetectably.
MM: I witnessed the edit stream locked while the wave was being clicked. I saw the wave jerk and saw the surfer go down.
LP: While locked on a rider, it would be difficult for a judge to see the stream due to several factors including color of stream and wave colors. It was observed as well that while an individual was in edit on one object, they were also able to affect the rider by clicking on them or the wave w/ no detectible edit stream.
KT: Agreed

2. Demonstrate the effect on sim performance while holding any object on the sim in edit mode, and measure the impact on sim performance:

SW: Using Advanced, Consoles, Fast Timers - specifically, the network indicator (which we were advised is a measure of how much time the sim needs per frame to update adjacent sims and avatars that are being messaged from the sim with data information - if the network time goes up, so does time dilation and lag), we were able to observe the measurable impact and effect (by the strictest definition of "interference") on sim performance of holding various items in edit mode.
MM: I know I had some questions as to whether or not when in edit mode sim performance was affected. I saw that, in fact, when in edit mode while locked does change the sim performance.
LP: Agree with both of above posts and add that a Second Technical Security position would be needed during competitions due to having all the tools open would hamper a judge from properly observing the rider.
KT: Agreed

3. Demonstrate "script-loading" and its effect on other surfers in the sim.

SW: Taking two surfers (that could be competing in the same heat, for example), we had one load up with all the scripts they could find while monitoring sim active scripts using View, Statistics Bar, Active Scripts. The unloaded surfer took a wave and indicated he experienced what felt like "alot of spikes". We then had that script-loaded surfer remove all scripts and confirmed the Active Scripts dropped by 600. The original rider took another wave and could clearly tell the difference in quality and performance of ride, indicating it "felt like only one spike".
MM: I witnessed the scripts change when loading and unloading scripts when looking at Statistics in the Active Scripts.
LP: Observed same thing as well as on Sim Stats tool, the FPS spiked when scripts were added or removed quickly.
DB: In addition, high prim or scripted objects need to be added or removed before you start, as this action actually causes lag spikes, otherwise the sim has to update its object pointer references and update every avatar in the sim with that information.
KT: Agreed. I observed that the sim's Net Time figures jumped up in a similar fashion to when an av TPs into the sim.
SC: This test didn't take into account avatars sitting on an adjacent spectator sim, nor any scripts or effects going on in that sim that can also change from moment to moment and change how a rider perceives the wave. I would recommend rendering numbers be no higher than 2000 ARC. This still allows for 95% of all avatars - furry, neko or otherwise - to come without major alteration to their avatar.

4. Demonstrate right and left clicking on boards and waves during runs - measurable impact

SW: The panel tested various combinations of clicking or tapping on boards and waves to observe the impact on both, as well as testing the distance of an avatar still having the ability to edit click waves and boards. Our tests showed at a distance of two sims from the competition site using Advanced Menu, Disable Cam Constraints, an avatar can edit click waves and boards undetected. Within one sim, if the observer has Advanced, Character, Show Look At activated, they can see an identifiable cam lock on the rider and the wave. The wave demonstrated stop and start when in edit click. The board stopped, resulting in the rider sitting. Other observable actions resulted from various speeds and combinations of edit clicks on both.
MM: I saw that the waves and rider can be affected when locked on from 2 sims away.
KT: Agreed
SC: My concern with using "Show Look At" for surf events is that the stands can hold in excess of 35 avatars and sometimes up to 50. Isolating one out of them may be impossible. Also, some people will accidentally right-click a wave without intent of interference.

5. Demonstrate a decoy particle stream while editing items with invisible particle stream.

SW: While the panel was not able to demonstrate this last item, an SL scripting expert unrelated to surfing advised us of this possibility and stated it was fairly easy to create a decoy particle stream. A setting in Debug Settings allows the actual in-use particle stream to be switched off for everyone so it is unobserved.
LP: I have personally seen a builder use no visible stream before this test was done today.


Recommendations from the panel:

1. Communicate and reiterate again to SLSA members that being in edit lock at any time during an active competition within the competition sim is in itself grounds for Disciplinary Action due to the ability to "mask".
2. Create a competition official position of Technical Security (TS) assigned to remain within the competition sim during the competition and to monitor sim stats, including active scripts. If there is a surfer complaint or a major spike observed, the TS contacts the Head Judge to make a determination. The TS also consults with the HJ for sim performance issues in a re-do determination.
3. Remind all competitors to disable and remove all scripts, including AO, HUD, TE, etc. well before the event, and the TS log numbers before and after each heat. TS may possibly remain in the rez area and record script levels as part of the pre line up activities.
4. Request all competitors and competition officials to lower rendering numbers to a predetermined reasonable level and the TS verify before each heat.

While these recommendations in no way protect against or prevent all aspects of competition interference, accidental or deliberate, they serve as a starting point to address some major issues and generate further discussion and investigation.

Guess the beach kahuna in this photo and win linden!

Be the first to correctly identify in the comments section this SL surf icon and early surf legend standing in the center and win 250L!  And if you can also correctly guess the two beautiful ladies standing on either side, we'll add another 250L!