Friday, October 30, 2009

In Memory of Cipriano Grut

by Cipriano Grut

Night has come and once again I miss the nights while living in the mountains, getting up to shut a window that faces the wilderness.

Outside I see it's full of fireflies all over.  Seems like the stars have shaken off the dust of the road, and that that dust of light has fallen in the meadow in front of my house.

The little emeralds makes the night magical.  The still air, suspended by itself, does not disturb the silence.

The fireflies lighten up to show and communicate us their love.  The brightness shows me that love does not only enlighten the source, but everything and all who are nearby and close.

It is with great sadness that SurfWatch reports the news that Cipriano Grut has passed of complications related to a heart condition on October 28, 2009.  The SLSA has announced the upcoming November SLSA competition will be renamed the Cipriano Memorial and plans are in the works for a memorial event at the competition.  Please feel free to leave your messages and memories of Cip to share in the comments section.

WickedV Carver:
Cip and I were very close, and it's a very sad time for me and others who he touched in a very special way.  I cannot say enough good things about the man Cip was and forever will be in my heart.  May he rest in peace.

Bobbi Laval:
I've known Cip since before he even started surfing.  A mysterious guy in a dark cloak and hood hanging out at Chi before the first shortboard comp in 2007.  He blessed my board for good luck the night before the comp.  The next week, he shows up at WOI surf lessons at Bundy.  That was the start of Cip's relationship with Reef Riders,WOI and me.  My long time friend and co-captain of Reef Riders, he was like a big brother to me more than anyone else in SL.  He had a heart of gold and was a true gentle man in every sense of the word.

SLSA Mini Competition October 29 2009 Results

Thursday, October 29, 2009, the Second Life Surfing Association had their second mini competition on pipes at the SLSA sim at Archipelago.

Heat 1:
Amy Eclipse 10.0
Mick Lunasea 9.5

Heat 2:
Kantbe Thursday 13.5
Angelle Aluveaux 12.0

Amy Eclipse 14.0
Kantbe Thursday 14.5

Syx Toshi Wave Report

submitted by Syx Toshi

Las Islas Naima Waves - Ocean Huge
Creator:  Naima Broome
Cost:  6000L
Permissions:  No Mod/Copy/No Transfer
One very large prim, does not change shape, animated texture, prim does not move
Two prim sizes, 120 x 120m and 256 x 256m
What's in the package:
There are 5 different types and 21 different configurations of these large Ocean Waves.
What you Need to Know:
- A basic understanding of Second Life
- A basic understanding of Edit Mode
- A basic understanding of Terraforming

This review is a little different from my previous examinations of your favorite waves.  This wave cannot be surfed, but will add a realistic touch to your surfing area.  Let's face it - not every wave in the ocean is going to give you that once in a lifetime ride.  There are many we all watch roll on through.  This is that type of wave.

Naima's creation is a huge prim with an ultra-realistic wave aminatino running from one end of the prim to the other.  The animation is just spectacular and finishes off your ocean in a very realistic manner.  The creator recommends this product for "off shore".  I would agree these waves are better seen from a distance.

Set up of this wave is a snap!   It's placed right on the ocean surface and starts animation with no input needed.  I would always suggest placing any object in edit mode so you can adjust it immediately without picking it again.  Once you have placed the wave, you can move it into the optimum location.  Another suggestion would be to move it as far to your ocean's horizon as it will go.  This will allow you to have part of the prim "off-sim" which will create a fantastic look of infinity on your ocean.

When occupying the same space as your surfable waves, the Naima Ocean Wave will not interfere with your ride or the performance of the wave.  I have my Naima waves running in tandem with a large Sunset wave and there has been no affect on ride or the performance of the wave.  Additionally, I've seen no real degradation of sim performance.

As far as compatability, I have tested the Naima waves with Sunset, Pipeline, Foam and Maverick waves and had no problems.  This product can be paired with any of the shoreline waves out there to create a finished look to your beach.  A great look is having the Naima Ocean Waves end about 10-15m from your beach with a shoreline wave running in the rest of the way.

In scoring this wave on my patented and totally subjective wave scale, I would give this wave a 9 out of 10.  The beauty, simplicity and cost make this a must have for any sim owner that has an ocean.  If you would like to see or purchase this product, go to:  As always, this is only my opinion.  always try it before you buy it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sally LaSalle Voted in on SLSA Board

The Second Life Surfing Association announced Sally LaSalle was voted in by 22 eligible voters to fill Robin Mapp's seat on the Board.  Sally has served several previous terms as Director and has been an advisor on the Board.  Three Director seats will open for election on December 1, 2009.  Current directors are Desirae Beaumont, Abel Halderman, Bonheur Chenaux, WickedV Carver and Sally LaSalle.

Mari's Mailbag - Loyalty

My first topic I'd like to write about is loyalty among surfers.  A few months back, someone came to me quite hurt.  She had overheard a surfer speaking to others hatefully about a fellow surfer.  It happened to be someone very well known in the surf community.  This was so hurtful to her, she was in disbelief.  She asked me, "Mari, is there no loyalty among surfers?  Don't we have a common bond - the love of surf and of our community?"  She soon quit surfing altogether.

I have never forgotten the anguish she felt.  It made me think that I also had heard talk about each other in public on open chat.  We as surfers should genuinely love our sport and each other to respect both.  Do you remember your first wave?  The rush?  Then the hours of practicing to perfect your style?  Some went on to compete for the love of it and of the new friends they met.  Somewhere along the way, some forgot.  Got too comfortable, I guess.

We all need to take pause..reflect...try to realize we are all in this for the same reasons, and community is very important.  Next time you are speaking in open chat, try to remember why you are surfing in the first place.  Also remember that others are listening and the very person who gave you your best tips could be within listening range.  So could someone just beginning to surf.  Let's be decent to each other.  Keep our community strong.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pacific Coast Hwy Surfboard Art Contest

Pop over to Pacific Coast Hwy sim and vote for your favorite surfboard art.  The contest is held as part of the Surf Festival being held on Nov. 1, 2009.  See contest rules and entry information at the Visitor Center for details on how to enter.  Judging will take place at noon on Nov. 1 and the winner will be announced at 1 PM SLT.  Judging will be done by a combination of Mick Lunasea, Revlon Benoir for originality, style, composition and skill and the popular people's vote, with prizes of 1000L for first place, 500L for second and 250L for 3rd.  Stop by the visitor center at 139, 185, 24 and cast  your vote!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Australian Surfing Association Announces Director

Desne Aabye has been selected as the first Director for the newly formed Australian Surfing Association.  With a large contingent of Australian surfers in SL, several people felt the need to form an Australian organization so some competitions and events could be more time compatible with Australian time.  Stay tuned to SurfWatch for more information and details on this organization.

Pacific Coast Hwy Fall Surf Festival 2009 - November 1

Fall Surf Festival 2009

Mick Lunasea and his partner, Revlon Benoir, are proud to announce Fall Surf Festival 2009, a celebration of SL surfing at their home sim, Pacific Coast Highway (137, 193, 26), that features surfing, residential and retail. As Mick describes it:

"PCH is inspired by the rugged beauty of the California coastline and offers stunning views of the towering coastal bluffs which overlook majestic beaches and thundering waves. The highway and beaches are owned by the region and is guaranteed passable without ban lines and security orbs. Rez a free horse at the visitor center and follow State Highway 1 as it winds its way up the coast towards the historic town of Santa Rosita where you will enjoy the finest shopping in Second Life.

The Maverick wave breaking in the bay provides some of the sweetest, most challenging surfing spot in SL. There is a free HP surfboard rezzer located at the visitor's center but for a truly realistic surfing experience, grab a wipe out enabled surfboard (available at Surf Crazy shop in Santa Rosita). Pacifi Coast Hwy offers a limited number of residential parcels for sale, with a relaxed covenant and friendly, helpful staff."

Fall Surf Festival 09 is a celebration of SL surfing in its entirety and diversity and is scheduled for November 1, 2009, from noon until 2 PM SLT. A concert by Def Leppard tribute band, surfboard art contest, surfing exhibitions, surf product merchants and creaters are all part of the line up of activities that attendees can check out.

PCH will sponsor ten 100 prim and ten 50 prim vendor locations for 1L for merchants and creators of surf related items to showcase their products. The surfboard art contest is open to all makers of boards and judges will be SL surfboard shop owners. Prizes for the surfboard design contest are 1000L for first, 500L for 2nd and 300L for 3rd place. From 1-2 PM SLT, the surfing exhibition will feature wipe out surfing as pro SL surfers dodge the PCH boneyard hazards and after the exhibition, visitors are welcome to try out the boards. County Line open space was recently added featuring Leogarto Burt's Sunset 200.

Come check out the beach, the town of Santa Rosita with its gas station, church, cantina with free pool and mechanical bull, chosen as one of the shooting locations for the upcoming Aeryn Kidd production, Soul Wave.

For more information, contact Mick Lunasea or Revlon Benoir.