Saturday, October 17, 2009

Emi's Birthday Bash

submitted by Chaos99 Braveheart

Discovering the Rose Theater was one of Emi's favorite sims, I immediately booked her birthday party there.  I knew I wanted a live musician, but didn't know who. One day Emi took me to see Digby Smalls perform live in concert and had mentioned, "I'm in love with his voice, and it gives me an eargasm" (laughs)  Like a hawk on its prey, my eyes were dead set on booking Digby. After a weeks of stalking him during his gigs and sending him countless numbers of offlines and notecards, he finally responded back with unfavorable news. "10 PM SLT is like 2 am over here, and its just too late, I'm sorry."  I wanted to say, " Hey, Digs, that's 1 AM eastern time, stick to singing, and stay away from any accounting jobs" (laughs).  Not to belittle him with his poor math but in hopes of booking him as it was truly 1 hour sooner! Giving up on trying to talk Digby into the gig, I tried to get her more involved with attending concerts in hopes of booking someone she likes. All thanks goes to Chloe Platini of bebe dolls (had to plug it in there) for helping me find a replacement. Chloe and I were at one of  Damian' Carbenell's concerts and a tp was sent out for Emi.  She immediately fell in love with his voice and with his love for the piano, he was a winner!!! Because of  Damian's mad piano skills, he took the crown. 

To work on the invitations, I asked a long time best friend of hers, Shelby Fitzerald, for a list of friends.  To design invitations, I hired the most creative person I knew - once again, Chloe.  I wanted the party to be a surprise, so after sending invites, I followed them with countless offlines to make sure everyone kept a lid on it (I call them courtesy reminders) 

Finally, the day of the party.  I wanted to truly surprise her.  I told her that we were just hanging out at Ambrosia Dance Club during my set. I had this elaborate idea that once she was there and I started to work at my DJ job, she would be fooled into believing that this has to be it.  As I opened my set with a remix of Hello Seattle by Owl City, I pretended to be having some technical difficulties and faked a crash. Using a back up DJ to cover my fake crash, I snuck out of the club and to the party location and sent Emi a TP to where everyone was waiting.

On her rezzing, the whole crowd went off with massive "Happy Birthday" gestures and local chat was cluttered with birthday wishes and all Emi could utter was, "Oh, my, god" . She told us she was crying, she was so happy and felt so loved by not only a few close friends but people she didn't know. Damian came thru with an awesome performance.  He even played a dedication that I requested for the birthday girl - Edwin Mccain, "I'll be", because truly I am and will be the greatest fan of her life!

I want to thank all of Emi's friends who were there and helped in so many ways and those who could not attend, as well as The Rose Theatre, owner Kaya Angel, for all his amazing customer service; Damian Carbenell and his management crew and last but not least, Emilyn Knoller, for loving me. And I hope she realizes this goes to show how many and how much people care for her and love her just as much as I do.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Syx Toshi Wave Report

Read the latest wave review by Syx Toshi, owner of the Monkey Cove sims, as he looks at the Sunset wave, one of Leogarto Burt's designs.  Simply scroll down the right side of your screen to the sponsor logos and click on Surf Shop 6 to read all about the Sunset wave.

A Sassy Surprise!

Braata Beach was the party spot for Thursday's, October 15, suprise party for Sassy1 FizzleChurch Drascol set the stage and the surfers had the place hopping!

Sassy had a special message for her friends after the party:

Wow!  Where do I start?  I am surrounded by the best of the best!!  In my 2 years in SL, I never was so lucky until I met the surf community.  So many true friends all supporting one another in the most awesome ways.  I want to thank all who came out to my surprise party and thank the ones who couldn't and messaged me.  I have never felt such love and care from people in SL.  Special thanks to Kris (Juneau) and Aurora (Jacks) for letting Church hold my party here (love you guys). 

To my loving fiance, Church, amazing comes to mind when I think of you.  I thank God daily for blessing me with you, Church.  Thanks, baby, for the most memorable moments in my life since meeting you.  I love you.
I wish all my friends the same joy as they have given me.

Heat Draws SLSA Round 2 Tsunami Beach Challenge Saturday, Oct 17

The SLSA has assigned heat draws for Saturday's Round 2 Tsunami Beach Challenge:

Heat 1

Wilfrid DeCuir (RED)
Colleen Brennan (BLUE)
Bonheur Chenaux (GREEN)
Yendor Destiny (ORANGE)
Sassy1 Fizzle (PURPLE)
Sven Homewood (BLACK)

Heat 2

Desirae Beaumont (RED)
Kimmy Jigsaw (BLUE)
Jac Mornington (GREEN)
MarkFoo Waverider (ORANGE)
Brenden Quan (PURPLE)
Robbin Ember (BLACK)

Heat 3

SexyBoy Oh (RED)
Bobbi Laval (BLUE)
GiavannaMarie Melody (GREEN)
Followingwaves Sirbu (ORANGE)
Amy Eclipse (PURPLE)
Lynda Mimulus (BLACK)

Heat 4

Socks Clawtooth (RED)
Sally LaSalle (BLUE)
WickedV Carver (GREEN)
Harbor Piers (ORANGE)
Aeryn Kidd (PURPLE)

Heat 5

VW Sands (RED)
Sunrize Mornington (BLUE)
Sweetcajan Voom (GREEN)
Maldrul Morris (ORANGE)
Kim Henig (PURPLE)

Heat 6

Sean Azambuja (RED)
Abel Halderman (BLUE)
Desne Aabye (GREEN)
Ashleigh Dickins (ORANGE)
Buffy Munro (PURPLE)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Team Profile - VSA

Submitted by VW Sands

Team Name: Vibrations

Year founded: 2007

Founder(s): VW Sands

Team Capt.: Buffy Munro

Co-Capt: Quench Spotter

Pro Rider: WickedV Carver, Kim Henig, Triston Mayo, VW Sands

Current team standing: 4th

Where did the team name come from:
"Vibrations" from our group name VSA ( Vibrations Surf Alliance)

Why was this team started:
We had to much to drink one night on the deck at Majini I think.

Give us any pertinent history/highlights of this team:
Vibes was formed back on Bishara and Majini was our first "home break". We had one of a handfull of Epics running back then, Pipes and fluffs nextdoor on Wimbi (with Heathers Reef-Rock collision scripts) and open-water Pipes on Pepo to the east. I guess that counts as both a little history AND highlights. After moving to Mori (which has also been a highlight) we finished the 2008 season in P3 and have had riders on the podium now and again.

How does this team train and how often:
Train? drink beer alot and surf together way too seldom?

What is the basic philosophy behind this team in terms of SL surfing (reality vs. gaming):
Not sure team philosophy has anything to do with real vs. gaming but..............our team rides because we have fun doing so. I suppose then that our "philosophy" is to have fun together, have fun with the riders at the comps that we ride with and maintain some perspective.

What board does this team use and why?
Our "Team boards" are SJA sculpties with HG/Seb scripts but these days we pull out whatever we feel like riding from our personal quills.

What wave does this team prefer and why?
Ask any of us and get a different answer each time.

What associations does this team compete in?
We compete in the SLSA series. A few of us have ridden in the ABSL as well.

Who are the top scoring riders on this team?
Hmmm.......whoever was NOT out the friday night before?

If you see a pattern of warped humour here it´s because SL surfing is a bunch of friends sharing time in an on-line environment, a computer "game". It´s not cut and dry, hardcore, make it or break it real life. It´s not supposed to be.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brophy Boards Reach Beaches

SSi Brophy board display at Peahi

SSi's line of Brophy surfboards has hit the sand running!  Carrying Drew Brophy RL designs authorized by the Brophy's for use in SL, SSi will be providing new board designs as the Brophy's provide new artwork, so check back frequently for the newest available designs.  Check out to see the boards in action and get a glimpse of SSi's new epic wave soon to be released.  Boards are currently available at Peahi, Kikeli, Monkey Cove, Primworks, and other fine beaches.  To get a Brophy vendor for your beach, contact Sebastian Saramago.

Surf Shop 6 at Monkey Cove Displays SSi Brophy Boards

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Montego Lecture Circuit - Bobbi Laval

Check out the amazing Bobbi Laval's recent lecture for the Montego Lecture Circuit, available now at

Kohana Schimmer introduces guest speaker, Bobbi Laval

And stay tuned for Montego Lecture Circuit speakers every month.  Sebastian Saramago currently scheduled for November 5.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Syx Toshi Wave Report

Interested in reading more detail about SL surfing waves?  Syx Toshi, owner of Monkey Cove surfing sims, can tell you all about them, including the latest SSi Epic in the works.  Syx has a keen interest and understanding of wave design and technology and explains his view in terms we can all understand.  Simply scroll down the right hand side of your SurfWatch page to SurfWatch Sponsors and click on Surf Shop 6.  SurfWatch will keep you posted on updates to Syx' site so you can stay on top of the waves!