Friday, September 25, 2009

Montego Parties til the Sunrize!

In honor of Sunrize Mornington's birthday, Montego hosted a surprise party on Thursday, September 24, at the Montego Clubhouse at Dooobie.  Hooka, pizza and beer, tunes and dancing, along with pipes and Knowhere epics kept the party goers celebrating!  Congratulations, Sun, and Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yendor Destiny, Following His

SurfWatch recently caught up with Yendor Destiny, better known as Yen, ranked in the top 20 of SL surfers after SLSA 2009 Season 1, surfboard graphics designer and owner and creator of Dream Works Customs, makers of custom motorcycles, to talk about his recent success in bike design.  Yendor is also a member of Da Hui No Ka Oi surf team along with his partner and love, Countess DeCosta, owner of Island Sea Dreams.

SurfWatch: How long have you been surfing?
Yendor Destiny:  I started the day I met my love, Connie, January 6, 2009, 16:00:23.  I sat on Tsunami Beach and the most beautiful angel came to me on a wave.  She let me hop on the nose of her board and ran off with my heart.  Words cannot begin to describe how much I love and respect this lady. She is my lady, my mentor, my love, and my wife.

SW:  What made you decide to compete in surfing and would you encourage others to join?
YD:   I would strongly advise for everyone to try surfing.  It is a blast!
  What I tell everybody is, it's the most fun you can have in SL with your clothes on (laughs)!

SW:  We know you design custom surfboards.  What is your inspiration for surfboard graphics?
YD:  That's kind of hard to say.  I do them to my liking and what I feel they should look like.  Right now they're available for people who have mod boards.  I also do custom designs.  For us, we like to share what we make and help others in making what they dream of.

SW:  Yen, tell us about the motorcycle design competition a few weeks ago - your first one - with a couple hundred entries - when you took 4th place.
YD:  The first bike show I entered was the 4th of July Show at Biker City which is owned and operated by Hiiigh Jinx a great guy that helped me a lot, as well as Boomer Michaelson who has become a very close friend and who I will be collaborating with on future ventures. The first bike I built was just something I pulled out of my head not knowing what was going on in the SL bike scene. I thought it came out looking pretty nice. I showed the bike to a few people when I was doing the scripting. They seemed to like it as well and told me about the bike shows and that I should put my bike in one of them. It was very cool and even better that I ended up in 4th over all.

SW: What made you want to design bikes in SL?
YD:  It was the end of the SLSA season 1 for 2009 and there were so many little wars going on between so many in the surfing family, Connie and I were thinking of just giving it all up and walking away. I took my down time to really push myself in building, scripting and just really wanted to see if I could make a bike here in SL. I figured to get the bike I wanted, I would have to make it.

SW: What is your favorite of all the bikes you've designed (it can be more than one) and why?
YD:  I really think my favorite is the bike I just finished. It's a 1949 Harley Panhead Bobber bike, the type of bike I ride in RL and build for others from time to time. It's a very loaded bike with very high details. It can have over 7000 color combos, so I am sure everbody can find one that fits them well (smiles).

SW: What makes your bikes superior over the others that are out there?
YD:  I think the details set my bikes apart and overall quality. I build them as to be as real as you can get in SL and thats my goal - all I do here. I saw many builds that appealed to me but wanted to take it to the next level in build and design.

SW: What do you get out of entering the design competitions?
YD:  I like to display my work for others to enjoy and the builds for me.  I love the fact others get enjoyment from them as well.  Some of the comps are just for fun and learning, where others can pay up to 15,000 L$ and thats pretty cool.

SW:  What other projects are you working on?
YD:  Well, recently Quench Spotter was checking out some of my bikes and said he liked my graphics and asked me to do a sign.  That's kind of turned into making many signs.

To find out more about Yendor and Connie's ventures, check out :
Connie's Island Sea Dreams
Yen's Dream Work Customs
Yen's bikes are also available on SLX

And see more of Yen's bikes in the following upcoming shows:
Biker City Australia Spring Bike Carnival
The RocknRoll Indian Summer Bike Show

Monday, September 21, 2009

ABSSL Champion, MarkFoo Waverider

Colleen Brennan recently caught up with MarkFoo Waverider on behalf of SurfWatch, fresh off his ABSSL (Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL) first place win on Sunday, September 20, after coming in 4th in the SLSA Round 2 at Sol Mananero the day before.

SurfWatch: How does it feel to be first SLSA gringo to win in ABSSL?
MarkFoo Waverider: Oh, it's just a great honor. A bonus with my Brazilian friends. Many surfers deserve the title. I had the good waves.

SW: All of the surfers looked so good. Did you get your style from being inspired by anyone else?
MW: Here I can say I found my own style, but RL surfers inspire me always.

SW: As Leo (Leogarto Burt) noted, it seems with each competition, it is getting harder and harder because people are getting better. I guess you would feel that way, especially about yourself.
MW: I spend a lot of time watching video and surfing myself. (laughs) Sure, it will getting harder, but it's not an issue.

SW: You are a contender for the season championsip now. Will you definitely be here on December 2nd?
MW: We all know we can win or lose. December 2 .... umm, lemme me check ....YAY YAY, sure, I'll be here. FOR THE FUN, FOR THE SURF and we'll see ....

SW: Did it make a difference having your team of supporters?
MW: Always. I don't know how to explain. We are a gang, a family, a tribe. I win, we all win.

SW: Is there any special comment you would like to make summing up how you feel?
MW: In peace with myself. I wish I could share it with tons of surfers.

SW: What is your favorite thing about surfing in the ABSSL?
MW: Awww you know, the ride, the smooth, the tube. You enter in and waaaaaa - no more shit - you're in, and it's magic.

SW: You have surfed every wave in SL. Would you say any particular is your favorite, or do you find that each has its own charms?
MW: New waves, new challenges, new emotions. I love epics, HP. I love surf. I think that's all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

ABSSL Surfing Championship Level 4 Results

Prior to the Jaws competition today, the top 5 in the ABSSL Surfing Championship compeitions were, in order: Tico Bechir, Luca Maynard, Kahuna Michigan, Guiloan Graves and Vana Loire. And now the Results from ABSSL Surfing Championship Level 4 at Crab Island from Sunday, September 20:

1st place: MarkFoo Waverider - 7.33
2nd place: Junior Balzibo - 7.00

Semi Finals:
MarkFoo Waverider - 6.83 (moved on)
Junior Balzibo - 6.67 (moved on)
3rd Place Tie: Luca Maynard & Second1819 Actor- 6.50

MarkFoo Waverider - 6.83 (moved on)
Junior Balzibo - 6.67 (moved on)
Luca Maynard & Second1819 Actor- 6.33 (moved on)
Tico Bechir & Ammie Graves - 6.17
Biofa Benelli, Wilfrid Decuir & Dimil Denja - 6.00
Velvetori Twine, Taiane Oakleaf & Bobbi Laval - 5.83
Colleen Brennan, Guiloan Graves, Ullissys Baxton & Sally LaSalle - 5.67
Jubileu Bing - 5.50

Sepultura Aldir - 5.33
Vana Loire - 5.17
Kahuna Michigan & Barbara Kungler - 5.00
Gustavo Foroseth - 4.83
Loss Broadfoot - 4.67
Tristan Relvin & Bonheur Chenaux - 4.33
Bibii Alex - 4.17
Kinder Biederman, Nando Guisses & Kimmy Jigsaw - No Show

Check it out on youtube at:

SLSA Round 2 Sol Mananero Results

Results from SLSA's Round 2 at Sol Mananero from Saturday, September 19:

1st place:  SexyBoy Oh 18.66667
Tied for 2nd place:  Desirae Beaumont 18.33333 and Sean Azambuja 18.33333
3rd place:  Wilfrid DeCuir 18.00000
MarkFoo Waverider 17.8333
Kimmy Jigsaw 16.8333

Semi Finals:
Heat 1:
Wilfrid DeCuir 18.16666667
Bobbi Laval 16.3333333
Desirae Beautmont 18.16666667
Harbor Piers 17.3333333
GiavannaMarie Melody 16.16666667

Heat 2:
MarkFoo Waverider 18.16667
Sunrize Mornington 17.50000
VW Sands 17.16667
SexyBoy Oh 18.00000
Abel Halderman 16.00000

Heat 3:
Socks Clawtooth 16.83333
Kimmy Jigsaw 17.00000
Sally LaSalle 16.3333
Sean Azambuja 17.33333

Preliminary Rounds
Heat 1:
Wilfrid DeCuir 18.00000
Jac Mornington 13.83333
WickedV Carver 15.3333
Sassy1 Fizzle 14.00000
Cymindra Deschanel 11.00000
MarkFoo Waverider 17.00000

Heat 2:
Socks Clawtooth 17.16667
Bobbi Laval 16.16667
Sweetcajan Voom 15.33333
Yendor Destiny 15.83333
Sunrize Mornington 16.16667
Sven Homewood 1.16667

Heat 3:
Desirae Beaumont 16.33333
Triston Mayo 15.50000
Kimmy Higsaw 17.00000
Lynda Mimulus 15.83333
Robbin Ember 15.66667
Aeryn Kidd 16.00000

Heat 4:
VW Sands 16.66667
Sally LaSalle 15.83333
Desne Aabye 15.50000
Harbor Piers 15.83333
Sunshine Zhangston 15.16667

Heat 5:
SexyBoy Oh 18.16667
Bonheur Chenaux 15.66667
Kim Henig 15.33333
Sean Azambuja 17.00000
Buffy Munro 16.00000

Heat 6:
Colleen Brennan 16.00000
Followingwaves Sirbu 11.16667
Abel Halderman 16.16667
GiavannaMarie Melody 17.00000
Rhett McMahn 14.16667