Friday, May 22, 2009

Coming soon to Surfwatch...

Hey Surfwatchers! Ashleigh Dickins here with some very special news and a very big request! It's been in the works for a bit now, but it finally looks like it's going somewhere. I am currently working on preparing a retrospective on Thor Bishop and his impact on the surfing community. I'm looking to you all for a little help with this.

If you have a great memory of Thor, awesome pictures of him rippin' it up, or just want to see if there's any way you can contribute, then contact me! In world I'm Ashleigh Dickins, of course, and can send you a little notecard of questions I have circulating to get you started. If you'd rather e-mail your memory or photo, you can send it to me at ashleigh.dickins(at) Just put something in the subject to let me know it's about Surfwatch and Thor. Next keep an eye out for this special edition of Surfwatch, coming soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SLSA Director Elections

6 Candidates are locked in for 3 open slots for SLSA Director. The six candidates are: Aurora Jacks, Bonheur Chenaux, Kohana Schimmer, current Director Robbin Ember, Robin Mapp, and WickedV Carver. The election is scheduled for June 1, 2009. For candidate positions, check out the SLSA website: