Saturday, March 28, 2009


Socks and Desi Knock Colleen Down a Peg!

Photos courtesy Colleen Brennan
Surf Results and photos courtesy VW Sands

After winning 4 Surf Jams in a row, Colleen Brennan's first place streak was ended by the excellent surfing of Desi Beaumont and Socks Clawtooth who tied for first. Colleen took a close second place and O'Neill Auer took a tight third. Kim Henig took high score of the event with a 17.50 in the 4th preliminary heat, giving her a place in the semi finals. In describing his winning combos, Socks stated, "On my last wave, I went from far pipe to close pipe and just as I hit the end of my run, I hopped onto the hammock (smiles)...VERY intentional. It's SJ - it's all good."
Final Results:

First place tie - Desirae Beaumont - 16.50
Socks Clawtooth - 16.50

Second place - Colleen Brennan - 16.00

Third place - O'Neill Auer - 15.50

Congratulations to the finalists and all the participants!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Reflections on a Founder...

by Abel Halderman, special correspondent

Once in awhile, a great idea appears. Once in awhile, a great person makes it happen. It takes courage to do it, but at the same time, it gives a lot of satisfaction to the people involved. When I first met Barchan Paderborn, I didn't know who he was. During our first conversation, it became clear to me that he was a real journalist, even if only in SL. He had that "thing".

Do you know who was the first person that made Team Tsunami think that having their own beach was not just wishful thinking? Yes, it was Barc. His help with this is impossible to overrate. I found myself trying, along with my teammates, to develop a surf beach. And after we created it, Barc was there again, but this time as an objective journalist writing a story about a nice beach and a new team.

Since then, a lot of things have changed for me, both in RL and SL. The organization I belong to, the SLSA, has changed, too. Barc remained the same: devoted to his mission and extremely professional. He gave all of us a lot of excitement when we read his stories. He motivated some of the most talented people in SL to write about SL surfing. While he always had his own opinions about what was going on, he stayed objective in all his stories. It's a model all journalists admire.

Thank you, Barchan Paderborn. We will try to continue your mission.

(Editor's note: Barchan Paderborn founded SurfWatch and continues to advise and participate in the operations.)