Saturday, July 26, 2008

LIVE RESULTS -- Surf City Classic

SurfWatch is reporting live from Surf City South on the SLSA Surf City Classic surfing competition -- Starting Saturday 26 July 2008 from 1100 hrs Second Life Time (SLT or PDT) or 1800 hrs GMT.


This is the first Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) surfing competition to be held at Surf City. Today's event takes place on pipeline waves using Rob John's Noserider longboards. 26 surfers are expected to take part in the first five competition heats (see live results for information on heat draws). SurfWatch will post the competition heat draws, semi finals results and finals results only for the Surf City Classic.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

New judging format for TCH Surfers Open

The view from the sundeck at TCH Enterprises

TCH Estates will host the second TCH Surfers Open at Saba Island on Sunday 27 July 2008, following its inaugural fourth of July event. Sunday's event introduces a new set of rules for surfers and judging as the organisers use both spectator votes and a judging panel to score surfing heats, although according to Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) scoring rules.

"TCH Enterprises on behalf of TCH Surf Company is very excited about our entrance into the world of competitive surfing and we are looking forward to a very competitive season," said ATown Fall, CEO of TCH Enterprises. "Although this competition is not an SLSA event we would like to reinforce our dedication to supporting the SLSA in their efforts and TCH will remain an active supporter and sponsor during 2008 SLSA competition seasons."

TCH Estates has announced a full calendar of monthly competitions culminating in a TCH Surfers Open 2008 Invitational. The event has been named the Surfers Open to highlight the fact that surfers are allowed to use any surfboards and surfboard scripts, including custom animations.

"We have also made arrangements with members of the SLSA to ensure there is no additional time conflicts between TCH and SLSA events so surfers are not forced to choose one or the other," ATown confirmed to SurfWatch.

Uniquely, spectators attending the Surfers Open will vote to decide which competitors go through from the preliminary heats to the semi-finals. Once surfers are through to the semi-final of the competition, scores will be awarded by a panel of judges made up of two TCH staff members, one guest judge from the surfing community, and a spectator judge. The spectator judge will be randomly selected from list of spectators who have volunteered. Other than the make up of the judging panel, scoring for the semi-finals and final heats will use the SLSA scoring rulebook.

The TCH Surfers Open takes place on Saba Island, TCH Estates starting from 12.15pm on Sunday 27 July 2008. Spectators are welcome to watch from the sundeck of the TCH Enterprises building.

Surfers' contact: ATown Fall

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Surf City to test longboard skills

First SLSA event to be held at Surf City; first SLSA contest to use Rob John's surfboards

The Surf City Classic takes place this Saturday 26 July 2008 at Surf City using Rob John's new Noserider longboards. The competition will not only be the first Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) surfing competition to take place at Surf City, but also the first SLSA event to standardise on non-Heather Goodliffe scripted surfboards. 28 surfers have registered for the competition, including many from the SLSA points table although the Surf City Classic scores will not contribute to surfers' points in the table.

Robin Mapp with the new Surf City Classic competition longboards

"The SLSA approached me once they learned of the new Noserider board and saw myself and a few others out riding different breaks. Rob John's Noseriders are the first true longboard in Second Life based entirely around the precepts of longboard riding," said Robin Mapp, owner of Rob John's Surf and Surf City (see pic above). "They are designed to replicate longboard surfing and surfers can literally walk the board to the nose and hang five! The boards are capable of long sweeping bottom turns, climbing back up the face and reversing direction."

Surf City opened in September last year and is based on Southern California's famous Huntington Beach, headquarters of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour. Surf City has both Heather Goodliffe Pipeline Wave breaks and Rob John Surfable Wave breaks. Saturday's competition will take place on the pipeline break on Surf City South beach.

"We wanted to include some new SLSA events this season by including some other surf areas, so a contest using Rob John's surfboards was a natural fit," said Milo Voss, SLSA director. "Robin Mapp is such a force in Second Life surfing and has been a staunch supporter of surfing for longer than I've been around. We also wanted to have some fun at Surf City and try out something new without interrupting the existing seasonal competition calendar."

Regular SLSA competition surfers have been practicing with the new boards this week in preparation for Saturday's competition and have faced a steep learning curve. "The boards are so different," said Bobbi Laval, ranked 10th in this year's first SLSA season's standings. "The first few days on the new board was very frustrating, but I actually seem to be doing okay on them now."

"There is a learning curve, just as there is in real life surfing," explains Robin. "We designed a new exciting sculpty shape based on the classic Southern California longboard. The unique part of these boards is each rider has the ability to develop their own style. These boards are totally different than anyboard available, the script and controls react in ways nothing else on the market does. Each rider controls their experience in the water, nothing dictated by the wave or the board."

The Surf City Classic takes place at 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT), Saturday 26 July 2008 on Surf City South beach. Spectators are welcome to watch from the main Surf City sim.

See the heat draws for the Surf City Classic on SurfWatch Results.

Surfers contact: Ashleigh Dickins

Updated 23 July 2008 (link to heat draws added)

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Monday, July 21, 2008

New to Second Life surfing?

If you are new to Second Life surfing and are trying to make sense of it all, be sure to check out SurfWatch's newly updated Second Life Surfing 101.

You'll find some basic information, tips and advice on how to get started surfing, where to go and who to contact. Please feel free to refer any new Second Life surfers you meet to this guide.

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