Friday, March 14, 2008

Psychedelic boards! Groovy baby!

Poid Mahovlich has created a new surfboard range that will light up your line-up and brighten up your break! Not to mention, impress your friends!

Poid's new boards boast an incandescence that lights up the surfer and the wave in a shimmering light. The new range currently includes 10 unique graphic designs created by Poid using a real life photographic process combined with Second Life luminous colours including purple, yellow, red, orange and green.

Poid Mahovlich and her BlissRa luminous surfboard

All the surfboards are based on the new sculptie scripts from Heather Goodliffe and Sebastian Saramago. SurfWatch found that some boards reflected more light than others and visibility is very much related to 'draw distance' and partly to your graphics settings. We also felt that the phosphorescent boards unique visual effects did come at the expense of some performance, but to be fair we only found inconsistencies in the boards' maneuverability while stationary and paddling out and not whilst actually surfing.

Poid's new board range by day and by night

Our favourite surfboards were the luminous green 'FoamRa', the red 'RipRa' and the lilac and blue 'BlissRa'. Poid's new psychedelic boards are available at her shop at Surf Camp on the PrimWorks sim.

Blog: Poid Mahovlich
SLURL: Surf Camp shop

Thursday, March 13, 2008

SLSA announces competition date changes

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) today announced date changes for the next two SLSA surfing competition events, citing clashes with the Easter weekend holiday and real life obligations.

The SLSA Surfline competition that was scheduled for Saturday 22 March will now take place on Saturday 5 April 2008 and the association's surfing competition at Neart that was scheduled for Saturday 19 April is now scheduled for Saturday 26 April 2008. However, the last scheduled competition event of the season, El Corazon, remains as originally scheduled on Saturday 20 May 2008.

The association will open registrations for competitors in the Surfline event on Saturday 22 March. Check out the SLSA Forum for details.

Surfing Calendar - March-April 2008
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SLURL: Surfline
SLURL: Neart
SLURL: El Corazon

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tsunami races onto new beach

Well, in our defence for running yet another Team Tsunami story, SurfWatch did issue a tsunami warning last week! (see SurfWatch 6 March: 'Tsunami Warning!'). However, even SurfWatch has been surprised at the pace of Team Tsunami.

Hot on the heels of its surfboard sponsorship agreement with Reaction, Team Tsunami has now cut a deal with veteran beach owner-developer Dharma Austin for the rights to a new beach that was called 'Nature Beach' until a couple of days ago (see SurfWatch 7 March: 'Surf's up on Nature Beach'). What is it called today? Tsunami Beach, of course!

Under the terms of the new deal, Team Tsunami will get full usage of the new Tsunami Beach and will take the lead role in developing the sim. Team Tsunami will also take an active role in promoting the Truth Beach group of sims and, in particular, help promote surfing as a core activity. Both Team Tsunami and Dharma are keen to point out that the deal is as much about contributing to the surfing community as it is a commercial deal between two parties.

"As a long time supporter of surfing in Second Life its a real pleasure to have a team of enthusiastic surfers using the new beach," said Dharma. "Team Tsunami has so much potential and I'm looking forward to working with them. Tsunami Beach, like Truth Beach, has been designed with surfers in mind and so I'm confident that the beach is now in good hands."

Left to right: Abel Halderman, Kathy Heberle and Dharma Austin
on the new beach that is now called Tsunami Beach

"As soon as we met Dharma and she offered us her support, we knew that Nature Beach was the perfect place for Team Tsunami," said team captain Kathy Heberle. "The sponsorship deal we have worked out is very fair and finding the new beach was one of the best things that's happened to the team. We've really had a fantastic start to 2008 and we're very grateful to Dharma for helping Team Tsunami establish a home base."

Tsunami Beach, as it is now called, is located next to the Isles of Corleone and Truth Beach sims and has both an EPIC II wave and ocean foam waves, giving the surf break a character all of its own. Team Tsunami has already moved quickly to construct a team clubhouse, which now takes pride of place on the Eastern side of the sim. "Team Tsunami riders enjoy spending time with each other. So, we were already looking for a place that we could call home," said Team Tsunami rider Abel Halderman. "We're keen to play a role to help Tsunami Beach and neighbouring sims become premier surfing spots."

What does this move mean for other users of Tsunami Beach. Can we still surf on it? Is it allowed? "All beachgoers and fellow surfers are welcomed to come share this wonderful beach with us," Kathy assured SurfWatch. "However, there may be times when we have to restrict access to team members for the purpose of practicing. We'll try to announce these times in advance."

"We're keen to play a role to help Tsunami Beach and neighbouring sims become premier surfing spots." added Abe.

Meanwhile, Team Tsunami also seems to taking the lead in lobbying the SLSA for new rules and recognition for surfing teams if Kathy's SLSA Forum suggestions are anything to go by (see SLSA Forum: 'Step 1: Sanction Teams').

Surf's up on Nature Beach
Tsunami Warning!
Tsunami Beach